Life is not a bed of roses; instead, it’s full of thorns. We generally do not want to realise this fact from the very beginning of our practical life. So, most of the time, we lead a lazy life and become unaware of our health issues. We are always busy with taking rich foods rather than following a balanced diet. Moreover, we are always busy with our earthly life and forget to take care of our health and take it as a pressure to take physical exercises as we don’t have enough time to spend behind it. Many of us cannot manage time to go out of home or to go to the gym every day. As a result, fat grabs us and makes us vulnerable to various diseases.

But, we need to take care of our health because at the end of the day we do not want to be sick, or we do not want to die a premature death. So, to be free from health risk, taking physical exercise is a must. In this article, we will show you some easy exercises to lose weight fast at home, and they are for those who cannot manage time to go out of home or go to the gym every day. We hope that by taking these simple but effective exercises at home, one can reduce extra fat from his/her body. Not only that, they will take care of your legs, thighs, glutes, back, abs, chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and other parts of your body. Let’s dive in the deep of the easy exercises to lose weight fast at home.

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Walking is regarded as one of the best exercises that can be done quickly either in an open space in front of your house or inside a room. At the very beginning, you just try to walk slowly for ten minutes. If you feel well, try to raise the level of your speed.

walking for losing fat fast

Walking for five minutes with a high speed can help you reducing 60 to 80 calories per day. We know that walking is essential before starting a new exercise because it helps you to keep your pulse rate and heartbeat natural and makes yourself adjust with other exercises that you want to begin later.

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Do you want to go back to your childhood again? Then, try skipping. In one hand, it will provide you with your childhood flavour, and on the other hand, it will reduce your fat in such a way that you will gradually feel yourself like an eggshell. You will sweat in such a way that people may make a mistake by thinking that you have just come after taking a bath.

Skipping will not only improve your respiratory system but also increase your level of stamina. It helps you to shake your whole body, and also helps you in muscle toning. The statistic shows that 10 minutes of skipping can burn 100 calories if it is done regularly. You will gradually increase the duration level day by day. Now, a question may come to your mind – what is the process of skipping? Listen to me carefully. Firstly, take a five feet long rope. Secondly, hold the two ends tightly with your two hands. Finally, begin to jump and at the same time, twist the line under your feet. It helps you melt your fat away if it is done daily.


Did you sit down and stand up alternately at school by holding both of your ears as a punishment? Squats are as like as sit down and stand up alternately, but here you need not keep your ears. Ha, ha, ha. Don’t take the joke seriously. I was kidding, man!

exercise to lose fat fast

However, squats are an excellent way to lose fat or to make your thigh muscles strong. This exercise also keeps your backbones fit. Apart from that, it increases your heartbeat and gives you a feeling of cardiovascular exercise. So, why shouldn’t you try it at home? Let’s go for it, shouldn’t we? Just try to follow me now.

For squats, at first, you need to stand and keep your two feet wide apart. Then, raise both of your hands at 90° angle. After that, keep your thighs parallel to the floor and at the same time, keep your back straight. Finally, start sitting down and standing up alternately. This is a superb way to reduce fat fast. Daily, 100 squats can help you to burn nearly 108 calories. To know squat read how to squat. 


Food habit shapes a man’s life. An excessive amount of eating can bring disaster. The main problem of our life is that we eat a lot, but we can’t spend energies. As a result, our abdominal fat increases. Everyone wants to get relief from this abdominal fat. Those who cannot resist their temptations but want to lose abdominal fat, they must go for crunches at home daily.

This doesn’t require a wide space. First, choose a suitable place either inside your room or outside of your building. Use a yoga mat to do crunches. Then, lie down on your back; bend your knees, and finally, put your hands under your head and pull yourself up towards your knees. At your first step, you may feel tired after a while; so, go slowly. Gradually, you will feel better and then, and you can do it for a long time. Five or six minutes of crunches daily can reduce 60 calories.

Side leg raises

Laziness spoils one’s life. Most of the problems of our life are created because of laziness. We should always remember that without doing exercise, none can lead a disease-free life. So, it is high time you bade farewell to your laziness and started doing this simple but fat burning exercise at home. Don’t you want to know about it, and start practising this side leg raises exercise? You should because at the end of the day you don’t want to be the victim of various diseases or die a premature death.

It’s so simple that you can’t imagine. Let’s have a look. First, lay lopsided and start lifting your leg as high as you can. Then, change your side and do the same what you did earlier. This will obviously help you to get rid of that unnecessary fat on your side. Daily, 300 raises can reduce nearly 40 calories.

You should always remember that to lose your weight or to burn your extra fat, and you must change your habits first. These easy exercises to lose weight fast at home are really effective to lose weight. You can wash your clothes, or clean your house by yourself. You can use stairs instead of using the lift, and even, you can chop wood for your house. Be careful of your health and start these easy exercises to lose weight fast at home and stay safe for the future.

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