Excessive weight and obesity are giving rise to serious health problems nowadays. Best cardio for weight loss can prevent serious health Problems.

Best cardio for weight loss

So it is obligatory to maintain a proper balance between energy consumption and expenditure and maintain an ideal weight.

Cardios are thought to be the best ways for cutting out that extra weight of yours.

Here we will discuss the simple and best cardio for you to lose weight.


1) Walking

Walking is the most available and easiest exercise around. It is also suitable for any age group. So almost anyone can burn calories just by walking.

As you are willing to burn calories, your walking session should be an active one rather than a slow lazy wander. In order to get the rate of your blood pumping machine(The heart) up, you have to walk as fast as you can.

Fast walking not only burns calories or make you lose weight, but it also has some other amazing health benefits like-

1)Preventing heart diseases like atherosclerosis, hypertension.

2)Decreasing the risk of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

3)Strengthening Bones, Joints, and muscle

4)Improving coordination and balance.

And many more…

2)Running the stairs!

Yeah, you read it right. Running or walking the stairs fast is a very effective way of burning calorie. It is fascinating that you can burn up to 1000 calories in an hour by a simple FLIGHT of STAIRS!

stair best cardio for weight loss

Hey, nothing to be panicked! You don’t need to do all these running up and down the stair staffs for an hour.I’m sure you will be overwhelmed to know that a 160 lbs man can loose up to 102 calories by doing this exercise only for 10 minutes. Won’t you be more than happy to torch up that amount of calories in just 10 minutes?

So why don’t you start your “FLIGHT” today?

3)Kettlebell Workout

Now that’s an intense and effective workout to lose weight.

It is actually a combination of both strength training and cardio which makes the workout a highly effective one.

But first, let us know what are those kettlebells!!!

Actually, a kettlebell is a weight which is “Cannonball” in shape. This weight produces a forceful workout. You can burn up to 20 calories in each minute. This is equivalent to running a mile in just six minutes! wow! So, it is considered the best cardio exercise for weight loss

More importantly, this kettlebell workout increases your endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

So get started today!

4) Jumping rope!

It’s time to learn about multitasking cardio for you.The jumping rope exercises not only helps you to lose weight but also does an extraordinary job by increasing bone density.It also increases blood circulation throughout the body. This greatly decreases the risk of atherosclerosis and many other cardiac diseases.

This amazing cardio also strengthens your leg muscles.

Roof Jumping

As it is intense cardio, it can effectively burn calories.It is said that 1 minute of nonstop jumping rope burns a number of calories which is equal to running 8 miles!

Now isn’t it amazing?

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5) Cycling

Do you remember what was your fabourite time in a day during childhood?

Well, mine was cycling in the evening.I’m sure many of you will have a similar opinion.

So it’s your chance to lose weight and to go back to golden childhood together!

Cycling is an excellent way to exercise as it improves your heart condition. It also strenghtens your leg and torches up some good amount of calories. More importantly, outdoor cycling fills your need for fresh air and vitamin D.

However you must remember that cycling is low impact cardio.So if you get tired with the intense ones,then this can be the choice of exercise for you.

Hop back on the bike and start paddling!

6)HIIT Best Cardio for Weight Loss

HIIT, or “High-Intensity Interval Training,” has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years. Once only elite athletes used this for fitness. But now HIIT has become mainstream and can be found in any gym. High-intensity interval training comes in many forms. But the goal remains the same: go all-out with your highest intensity for a short interval, then take a brief recovery and do it again. Eventually, these high-intensity periods do increase the body’s requirement for oxygen. Most importantly this causes your body system to search for the extra oxygen. Thus ultimately burn much more calorie and fat than lower intensity training.

You must be curious to know about how to do it. Well, it’s up to you. You can do this amazing training by intense running, swimming or by machines. Don’t forget you can do it even with weights! One must keep in mind that “the form of exercise is less important than the ultimate goal”

Most programs will have you pushing hard for between 20-30 seconds, with maximum 10-20 second rest in between the workout. If the workout is done in a proper way, then one will start breathing through the mouth. And the recovery should be needed in order to continue. The best thing of all is that when it comes to HIIT 20 -30 minutes is more than enough of time to complete the workout! A  HIIT session of only 30 minutes is far more effective in burning calories than jog of 1 hour!


Rowing is a type of exercise which involves the whole body. That includes all the major muscles of the upper body. The biceps, triceps, muscles of the forearm, the shoulder and the muscles of the back. Even the gluteal muscles are also involved.

Along with strength training, the cardio effects of rowing are also intense. From a study of Harvard university, we get to know that Rowing burns almost 250-300 calories. Isn’t it great to row?

As there is a saying-

“A beautiful mind resides inside a healthy body”

So choose one or more of this amazingly helpful cardio that burns extra calorie. Stay healthy, stay happy.