As a man, you need to do a lot of works daily. But sometimes you face stability problem in your body. You face injuries in time of doing some little heavy movement. So, today we will discuss the best core exercises for men that will improve your core muscles. This core exercises will improve your balance and stability of your body.

What is core exercise?

Core exercises are those exercises which activate a group of deep muscles to stabilize and control the spine. The location of most of the muscles is in the midsections of the trunk. Core exercises focus on either the strengthening of the core muscles or the stabilization as well as endurance.

The Reasons for Doing Best Core Exercises For Men

The first and foremost reason for doing core exercise the stabilization of your body. There are many other reasons for doing core exercises. Now we will describe all the reasons for doing core exercises in details so that you can realize the necessity of doing core exercises.

To Prevent Injuries:

We do a lot of works daily in our office and at home. Sometimes we need to do some heavy work. At that time, we may face injuries for the poor imbalance and poor stabilization of your body.

So, to prevent any kinds of injuries from our daily work we should do these kinds of exercises.

To Improve the Balance and Stability

National Academy of Sports Medicine has said these exercises challenge the muscles and these muscles make up the pelvis, torso, and spine. The pelvis region, spinal column, and hips are the base of all movements of the body.

To Tone Abs

Like strengthening core muscles, core exercises tone the abs. It’s looking odd to see the belly fat person. Tone abs are attractive to both man and woman.

To Reach Fitness Goal

To reach any kind of fitness goal, you need to improve your core muscles and stabilize your body. So, our best core exercise for men will help you to reach your expected health goal.

Types of Best Core Exercises for Men

There are many types of core exercises. You need not do all the core exercises. Choose some of them. Do consistently. Don’t do all the exercises at a time.

Nowadays, only some sit-ups and crunches are not enough to make your core muscles strong to stabilize your spine. So, let’s see all the core exercises which you should do for perfect stabilization and endurance.


Plank is one of the best core exercises for beginner to advanced level. It looks like an easy exercise if you just see others to do this exercise. But you will feel the effects of plank after doing some days.

Who doesn’t like to have six-pack ab? If you are trying to build up six-pack abs, you should do this exercise.

Variation of Plank Exercise

There are a number of ways of doing the plank. Some experts have described more than 20 ways of doing a plank. But the purposes of all kinds of plank exercises are to strengthen the core muscles, flatten the stomach. See some of the variations here.

  1. Straight-Arm Plank: This plank ensures the straight position of the head, butts, and feet. Keep your upper body up from the floor by supporting your hands.
  2. Forearm Plank: This is the same as straight-arm plank. Little difference in upper-body support. Where in straight-arm plank the upper body is supported by the palm, in forearm plank the upper body is supported by knees.
  3. Side Plank: Side plank is another form of core exercise.

There are many variations of the plank. And all kinds of planks help to improve the balance and stability of the body.

Ab Wheel Rollout

Ab wheel rollout is a great core exercise. There are many variations in ab wheel rollout according to the goal of your exercise.

Though this exercise is a great exercise and there need a little set up for this exercise, it is one of the most wrongly performed and abused exercises. You need not have more space but you should be careful in the time of doing exercise. This ab wheel rollout can ruin your lower back.

Walth the following video of ATHLEAN-X. Because in this video, they have shown why people face many problems in ab wheel workout.

Dying Bugs/ Dead Bugs

Dying bug or dead bug is a great way to stabilize your core muscles.

Way of Doing Dying Bugs

First of all, lie flat on your back. And by pulling your abs engage them inward toward your back.

Secondly, extend your arms. Raise your arms up directly above the shoulder.

Thirdly, raise your feet, knees, and hips. Raise your legs and keep it in a 90-degree angle.

Finally, Lower opposite arms and legs simultaneously. When opposite arm and leg are lower the other arm and leg will be higher. Keep doing this repetition.

There are many variations of the dying bugs.

Hollow Holds

You must hear about Spartan Racer who do this exercise for strengthening their core muscles. Hollow holds develop a tight and stable of core muscles. This exercise evenly transfers the calories throughout the entire body.

This exercise is needed for different kinds of exercises like pushing, pulling, jumping and climbing.

Ways of Doing Hollow hold

First of all, lying on the floor, tuck knees to chest.

Secondly, slowly extend your legs forward as well as raise your hands above & behind your head.

Thirdly, keep lower back against the ground.

Half Kneeling Pallof Press

It is a beginner level core exercise which affects your abs and core. It improves your core muscles and tones your abs. You may read Best ab exercises for beginners.

You need an adjustable cable machine to do this exercise.

Best Ways of Doing half Kneeling instruction

First of all, on the right side of the cable machine, keep your knee in a half-kneeling position. Keep your left leg like 90-degree position. And keep the right leg’s knee on the floor directly under your hips.

Secondly, pull the cable and keep the cable close to your chest.

Finally, extend your arms forward and bring the cable to your chest again. Keep repeating this process.


Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine ball slam is the simplest but the most effective exercise. It looks like a fun type of exercise. But trainers recommend doing this exercise for all fitness level.

You don’t need any kind of special equipment for this exercise. To build explosive strength, it is one of the best exercises.

Hanging Knee Raise

You will see most of the men in the GYM, are doing hanging knee raise exercise. Because most of the young going to the gym want to have six-pack abs. Hanging knee raise help to reach their abs goal. Like crunches, hanging knee raise is one of the best exercises for building six-pack abs.

Best Core Exercises For Men hanging knee raise

Like building six-pack abs, it is also a great exercise for strengthening your core muscles.

You need only a gymnastic ring or pull-up bar for doing this exercise.

Ways Of Doing Hanging Knee Raise

At first, hang in the pull-up bar or gymnastic ring.

Then, bend your knees. Raise your knee and move it near your abs. Keep holding for a moment.

Next, down your knee slowly. Keep doing this repetition.

CAUTION: Don’t do this exercise quickly. Slowly raise and down your knees in time of doing this exercise. Don’t do the advanced level variation of this exercise. Be stable in the beginner level exercise, then move to the advanced level. 

Oblique Crunch

Crunches are popular exercises to the people who want to stabilize the core muscles, burn belly fat, want to have six-pack abs, and tone their abdominal muscles.

Oblique crunch is one of the great variations of crunches. It is very effective to prevent back injuries.

Best Ways of doing Oblique Crunch

  1. Lie on the floor keeping your face up and pull your thigh forward.
  2. Keep your hands behind your head.
  3. Move your knees to the left side keeping your hips on the ground.
  4. Now lower your knees from left to right side. Do this process of lowering knees from one side to another 10 to 20 times.