“7 Golden Best Exercise for weight loss”

How much weight is perfect for me? Many people don’t know about it. Low weight and hight weight both are bad. So, you need to know first the ideal weight for your body according to your hight. Then, if you are over-weighted, you need to follow the following 7 best exercises for weight loss.

Best Exercise for weight loss


But if you are bellow weighted, then you need to follow eight medically proven ways to increase the weight.

So, at first, you need to determine the exact weight for your body. You can calculate your precise weight from BMI calculator.

Life has been a burden for high weight. You are now stuck. You are not finding the best ways to lose your weight. No matter how much weight you are. I will prescribe the seven best exercises for weight loss.

Am I high weighted? At first, you need to find your weight.

It is very tough to maintain daily work for high weight.

Calories In and Calories out Game: Weight loss is a game of proper calories in and calories out a game. You should eat healthy food for calories in, and you should do proper exercise for calories out. We, Heathtipzz, again saying, don’t skip your meal to lose weight. You need to follow an appropriate diet for losing weight.

You should be careful about calories deficiency. Calories deficiency occurs when you take fewer calories than calories out. You are reading this article because you are facing obesity and you want to lose your weight. So, in this case, you need to consume fewer calories and burn more calories.

There are two ways to maintain calories deficit. First, eat less. And secondly, burn more calories by doing more exercise. Follow the second one.

Why over-weight:

Generally, if you do less work and take more calories, then you will be over-weighted. So, you need to consider calories according to your activities.

Besides, Hormones, genes, and behavior have a direct effect on your body to increase weight. Now, I am describing the main culprit to increase weight.

Over-eating: Some people eat more than they need. Four(4) things you should always keep in mind in time of eating: 1. You should not take more calories than you can burn. 2. You should not take fewer calories than you can consume. 3. You should not fulfill your stomach with nonnutritious food. 4. Eat nutrient food with low fat.

Prohibited food for weight loss


If you don’t follow these rules, you will face health problems and will get over-weight.

Inactivity: A person who leads a sedentary life, quickly gain obesity in a short time. The people who work in an office desk and need not move more burn fewer calories.

Inactivity raise weight

If your work’s nature like this, you should do workouts at home or gym. There are some myths about doing exercises and going to the gym. One of them, I don’t get much time to do workouts. See the following videos to understand how workouts help you in your daily life.

So, I will recommend you to do some works to burn calories.

Unhealthy diet: Fast food and high-calories foods are popular among the Amerian people. If you eat more fast food, then you will face the problem of obesity.

food you should not eat ever

There are many reasons for gaining obesity. But the above reasons are the main factors for increasing your weight. There are also some misconceptions about losing weight. You should be clear on these misconceptions.

Best Exercise for weight loss: The misconceptions

Staying Hungry: Some people fear to take diet because they think they need to stay hungry in a time of taking food for weight loss. But the world’s best famous doctors say you should not skip any single meal in the of time of the following diet.

Instead, they say if you skip any meal, it can cause a problem in your digest system. You can face other health-related issues like gastric.

So, if you face the over-weight problem, you should take a proper diet.

Less fat in food for weight loss: Sometimes people think if I cut fat from my diet is enough for losing weight.

No this is another misconception of weight loss. You need to eat a balanced diet for weight loss. If you eat low food with low calories, then you may gain weight rather weight loss.

I need to take less tasty food for weight loss: If I want to lose weight, I need to eat food with less taste. Some weight-conscious people think they need to eat a massive amount of salad only.

Not tasty food but you need to skip sugar-related menu to weight loss.

BRIGHT SIDE has published a video about the misconceptions of weight loss.


5 Things You Should Never Do:

Maintaining the rules which will lessen the weight is not enough. You should never know five things if you want to decrease the weight and want to keep your body fit.

Overeating: Overeating is bad for health and brain. If will create visceral fat in your internal organ, and you know visceral fat is hazardous than subcutaneous fat. Besides, there are many adverse effects of overeating. You will feel exhausted in time of your daily work. Instead of overeating, you should eat a small amount multiple time in a day.

Don’t take more Alchohol: Everyone knows about the dark effects of alcohol. I am impressed by the quitting of alcohol of George Walker Bush. The Recovery Village has said, ” If a woman drinks more than at least four times a day, she has the 41 % more possibility of gaining over-weight”.

Prohibited foods for losing fat

So, there correlates with having alcohol and gaining weight. It has also said alcohol has calories and sugar, which cause over-weighting.

Skip Sugar-related food and beverages: Is sugar like drugs? Journal of Drug Abuse has published an article titled ” Is Sugar a Gateway drug.” Sugar is an addictive food. Sugar is generally found in sweets, snakes, cookies, candy, Pies loaves of bread, potatoes. This slow poisonous food is responsible for increasing weight.

Sugar causes many diseases

Irregular Sleeping: In one way, you will lose weight. But it is not an expected way of losing weight. Because it will not only lose your weight but also affect your health, memory, looking even sex life. There are many harmful effects of irregular sleeping. Weight loss is one of the most critical bad effects of irregular sleeping. When you sleep irregularly, you feel severe hungriness all day. Then you will eat more calories than you need. And ultimately, you will become over-weighted. So, you need to develop a sleeping habit so that you can maximize your efficiency in your work.

Never Extreme Workouts: Some people follow the daily workouts of the people who have good body shape and fitness. It is the wrong way to lose weight. These persons have functional body fitness, and they have gained it by doing workouts for a long time. You can follow them and ask for advice to give you some workouts for beginners. You can take help from the doctors before going to the gym or doing exercise at home.

Extrem Exercises are bad for weight loss

Extream workouts can cause several health problems. 1. It can cause hormonal changes. 2. It can cause dehydration.


7 Golden Best Exercise: Best Exercise for weight loss

1. Walking/ Running

Walking and running all makes your body fit and controls many health problems.

If you are fit for running, I will recommend you to run at least 20 minutes. It will burn fat from your body. You will see the dramatic change in your body and mind if you regularly run. Morning is the best time for running. You will get fresh air. The environment remains serene.  You will get light from the sun. You will get vitamin D from the sun, which will protect some skin cancers.

Running for weight loss

Some people may have some problem. They should not run. So, walking is the best exercise for all kinds of people. A people with heart disease can’t run speedily. So, they should walk daily.

If you don’t have enough time to go outside, you can do ” Run in Place with High Knees.” It is a very effective way to lose weight and burn belly fat. It will save you time from going outside.

Best ways of walking and running: You need to stand upright in time of walking and running. If you don’t walk properly, you can face some problems, including back pain. Take some stretch exercises before going to walk. You can set your walking regimen according to the advice of your doctor. Wikihow has explained in detailed how to walk correctly.

2. Swimming

No exercise is more enjoyable than swimming. You need to move all of your body parts in time of swimming. There are few exercises which are considered for the best training for weight loss.

Like improvement of physical health, swimming improves mental health also.  Swimming improves your heart condition. When you swim, you need to move legs, hands, and other parts of the body. So, when you swim, it will lose your weight, improve your muscles, improve your heart condition, remove monotonous.

best exercises for weight loss swiming

Swimming is such kind of exercise that can radically change the mode of people. It will refresh your mind.

Best ways of swimming: Some prefer walking to swimming for weight loss. They don’t want to believe that swimming can lose weight.

Metabolism Journal has published an article on their website to compare the swimming and walking. They have experimented on older women to know weight loss effects in the time of walking and swimming. They have found that swimming reduces 1.1 kg in comparison to walking.

3. Push up

The basic building workout is push up. You will be amazed after someday pushing up exercise. It will radically lose your weight as well as burn your belly fat. Push-ups build one’s upper body. It strengthens both muscles and shoulder. In the past, people would do one kind of push up. But now people love to do different types of push up.

Pushing up is a tough exercise. You should start with fewer push-ups.

Best Ways of Push Up: You should not follow the expert’s volume of push-ups. They have reached this fitness level after practicing for many years. Push up burns a significant number of calories from your body. It will increase your blood flow.

4. Rope Jumping

 Rope jumping is better than walking and running. When you take rope jumping, calories will burn from all parts of your body. Rope jumping improves the heart rate.

You need not go outside for this kind of exercise. It is the best home exercise. You need not get ready for this kind of training. Just take a rope and start rope jumping. If you want to go walking and running, you need to put on clothes and shoes as well as water pot. Even when you go walking, you need to be prepared for going outside.

Best practices for Rope Jumping: If you are new in rope jumping, you should be very careful. You can fall in the ground. So, select an ample space in your home and buy gym mats to get rid of any kinds of accident. Start rope jumping, targeting 140-180 rpm, and do rope jumping for 5 minutes for one month. After one month, when you are comfortable with this target, focus 10 minutes with two intervals.

5. Squat

Squat are effective ways to lose weight. It will improve your strength, burn fat, and lose weight. The squat is very popular for building your lower body part, especially leg muscles. There are different kinds of squats. Start squat without weight materials. Then gradually start with weight materials.

6. Burpees:

Athletes, sports team as well as the military do this exercise because of its some unique features for improving your joints and muscles. Burpees is the best exercise for weight loss.

It improves all body’s functionality because you need to move all of your body. So, burpees burn calories from all parts of your body. It is a straightforward but beneficial exercise for all kinds of people.

Best ways for starting Burpees: 

Firstly, stand up straightly.

Secondly, Squat down touching floor by your hand.

Thirdly, step back and go to the plank position.

Finally, Step forward and stand up.

There are many kinds of burpees. If you are a beginner in burpees, then the following videos will show you how to start first. This video will show different types of burpees and make you understand how to improve your health condition.


7. Mountain Climbing

All of your body’s muscle group are shaken by mountain climbing exercise. It primarily creates pressure on your lower belly. Mountain climbing is such an exercise which is famous for increasing strength, improve your body’s stretch, lessen your body fat, and lose your weight.

Mountain climbing improves many joints and muscles of your body. It develops triceps, abs as well as your butt. There are a few exercises which work effectively to lose weight from your full body.

Best ways of doing Mount Climbing: At first, put your hand on the floor by keeping your face on the floor side. Keep forward your knees one after another. Don’t lift your hip. Try your level best to speed up. The more speed you will increase, the more you will get stabilization.



  • Don’t push yourself beyond your limit. When you start a new workout, then start with deliberate attempts.
  • Don’t follow the expert’s daily workout. They also had started with fewer exercise. After many years, they have reached this fitness position.
  • If you have any bone-related problem, then you should take advice from the doctor.

If you follow these seven best exercises for weight loss, I hope you will not only lose your weight but also you will be healthy and fit. I will recommend you to follow these rules not only to lose your weight but also after your weight loss. Because if you stop after getting perfect weight, your weight will start to increase.