If you already have understood the importance of fat loss and the effect of cardio for fat loss, you have done the preliminary stage of fat loss. Yes. Obesity can cause many health problems, including heart problems and type 2 diabetes. We have selected 10 science-based cardio for fat loss.

Before knowing the best science-based cardio, you may think about the effectiveness of cardio for fat loss. So, let’s see what the cardio is.

What is cardio?

Cardio is the informal form of cardiovascular exercise. So, in our content, we will refer to cardiovascular exercises instead of cardio.

Exercises that raise the heart rate are called cardiovascular exercises. Like other muscles, we need to do cardiovascular exercises for shaping our heart. When you develop your body, you will lose your fat.

What Are The Reasons Of Body Fat

People in the preliminary stage of fat don’t know the reasons for body fat. So, they can’t take proper steps to stop doing those things which are occurring fat. So, let’s see the reasons for body fat.


Genes are responsible for weight gain. Genes influence metabolism, behavior, and obesity. It uncontrollable reasons for weight gain.

Lack of Proper Diet Plan

A proper diet plan is necessary for weight loss. Lack of proper diet plan can cause a severe health problem. So, you should choose a scientific-based adequate diet plan. Skipping a meal, especially in the morning and at night can cause serious health problems.

Excess intake of saturated and trans-fat are detrimental to health. Limit the consumption of fat less than 30 percent of your daily energy plan. Replace the consumption of saturated fat and trans-fat with the consumption of unsaturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and trans-fat.

Before choosing the proper diet plan. Keep in mind the 10 golden rules of Proper diet plan.

Lack of Regular Exercises

A job with less physical movements causes obesity. Some people can’t get enough time to do exercise. Besides, some people are used to watching TV instead of going outside. These kinds of people have a high probability of facing body fat.

Disorder in Sleep

Regular and deep sleep is the root of physical and mental health. Only this kind of habit can solve many physical and psychological problem. Proper sleep control your appetite. People who have insomnia are prone to take more calories. And more calories causes obesity.


Research has found that in the time of stress, there are some specific hormones which increase obesity. In the time of stress, we like to prefer foods high in fat and sugar. We know both fat and sugar are responsible for obesity.

cardio for fat loss

When we take foods high in carbohydrates, it raises the level of serotonin. Stress also can raises cortisol. Cortisol is a significant factor for proper managing fat storage.

So, try to lessen your stress. I think the following video can change the perspective of stress. It matters how you feel about stress.

10 Best Science-Based Cardio For Fat Loss


There are many cardiovascular exercises. But we have chosen the best scientific cardio exercises which will help not only to lose fat but also keep you fit in your old age.

1. Walking

Walking is an exercise for all kinds of people. It improves overall health. Just 30 minutes of walking per day enhances muscle power, improves blood circulation, and keeps your body cells active. Walking increase in cardiovascular fitness reduces excess body fat.

Walking assuages the risk of many severe diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases. It is not necessary to do heavy exercises for fitness. But you need to do some exercises regularly for your health.

If you are facing high fat recently, I will recommend you to walk more. You can walk for a short trip, going to a super shop.

2. Running

People who want to take steps before facing body fat, walking is best for them. But you should run if you are facing a fat problem now. This is one of the best cardio for fat loss.

Running as cardio exercise

Running strengthens the heart muscles, control heart rate. Other health benefits are given below:

  1. Running strengthens muscles of the different part of the body.
  2. It maintains a healthy weight.
  3. Running helps to burn more kilojoules, measurement of the food’s energy value. When you want to lose fat, you need to take energy deficiency.
  4. Build strong bones.

3. Elliptical

Some people don’t get enough time to go outside for walking and running. Elliptical is best for them. Whenever you get 10 minutes, do this exercise.

It is an over-all body exercise and improves the core muscles.


4. HIIT (HIgh-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is also known as HIIE( high-intensity intermittent exercise). Depending on the participant’s present fitness level, HIIT session varies.

You can make around 30 minutes of HIIT workout routine.

People who want to vanish their fat within a short time, this exercise is the best for them. First of all, you plan for HIIT workout. Then do it regularly. You can include the following workouts in your HIIT plan.

  1. Plank
  2. Butt kicks
  3. Jump squats.
  4. Mountain climbing
  5. Burpees.
  6. Jumping Lunges.
  7. Altering side lunges.
  8. Plank Jacks
  9. Lateral plank walks.

Take rest in the time of doing these exercises.

5. Cycling as cardio for fat loss

Cycling or bicycle is high-fat burning exercise. A half hour cycling can burn about 400 calories. Like health benefit, it has also time benefit.

Health benefits of Cycling

  • It is a good muscle workout.
  • Cycling is less strain than other forms of exercise
  • It is suitable for stamina and strength.
  • Cycling is an easy exercise.


6. Stair Climbing:

It is a powerful cardiovascular exercise. Researchers suggest climbing stairs for stopping middle-age weight gain. This exercise also reduces the risk of early mortality rate and the risk of the heart attack.

The health benefits of stair climbing

  • Stronger musculoskeletal system
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduce fat from the body.
  • Keep your heart rate better.


7. Swimming

Swimming is both physical and mental exercise. People of all ages enjoy it. When you are highly stressed, swim in your swimming pool or sea beach. You can enjoy your swimming in several styles like breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle sidestroke.

Health Benefits of Swiming: 

  • strengthens your muscles and bones.
  • Help for weight loss.
  • It is an overall body workout.
  • Keeps Your heart rate functional.

But don’t swim in murky water. 

8. Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is another full-body workout. This exercise boosts fat burning. It is a fast fat burning exercise.

Positive effects of Rope Jumping

  1. It is a super-fast fat burning exercise. Like running rope jumping also burns fat within a short amount of time.
  2. Improve blood circulation.
  3. Control cholesterol.


9. Rowing

Rowing is a popular sport. It is an ancient sport. Now it is considered an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It is the right combination of push and pulls exercise. It increases the intensity of your body.


10. Circuit Training

Circuit training means doing all kinds of exercises. Research at Baylor University has said circuit training enhances cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance.