5 Best Core Strengthening Exercises For Beginners

Core Strengthening Exercises For Beginners

Like the improvement of HEART and LUNGS, you must need to improve MUSCLES and JOINTS. So, to improve MUSCLES and JOINTS, you need to do strengthening exercises. As a beginner, you should not do high-level strengthening exercises. We have chosen some core strengthening exercises for beginners. If you beginners, these exercises are best for you.

What Is Core Strengthening Exercise?

Exercises that improve the core muscles of the body are called core strengthening exercises. Core muscles include abdominal muscles, muscles around the pelvis and trunk, and back muscles.

Why Strengthening Your Core Is Important?

Core strengthening exercises help you to efficiently use the muscles of arms, legs, shoulders. It also improves the balance of your body and lowers the risk of injury.

  1. Improve the body muscles
  2. Improve the stability of your body.
  3. Core strengthening exercises increase the balance of your body.
  4. Improve the muscles of your lower back.
  5. Train the muscles of the hips and abdomen.
  6. Most of the sports and high physical activities depend on the stability of your core muscles.

Does core exercise reduce belly fat?

Some people think that core exercises directly affect to reduce belly fat. Actually, research has shown that there has no direct relation to doing core exercises and reducing belly fat. Core strengthening exercises increase flexibility,  increase bone intensity, and lean muscle mass.

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Core Strengthening Exercises For Beginners

All core exercises are not for all levels. You should do your exercises regularly.


Plank is one of the main isometric core exercises. Its position looks like a push-up. Plank is not only practiced for improving muscles and joints but also practiced in Yoga. In boxing and athlete, it is also a popular exercise.

There are different types of the plank. Front plank, side plank, and reverse plank are popular forms of the plank.

Front Plank improves transverse abdominals, rectus abdominals, deltoid muscles, quadriceps.

Side Plank improves gluteus medius muscles, gluteus minimus muscles, transverse abdominal muscles, adductor muscles of the hip.


It is another core exercise to improve the balance of your body.

This Boat exercise will tone your abs.

Dead Bug

The dead bug is another core strengthening exercises for beginners.

Best ways of Performing dead bug 

At first, lie flat on your back.

Secondly, raise your hand up.

Thirdly, Raise hips, feet, and knees.

Fourthly, Lower opposite legs and arms simultaneously. repeat with the other leg and arm.

This is one type of bug dead. There are many variations of the dead bug.

Bird Dog

First of all, keep your knees and hands on the floor with a neutral spine and a tight core.

Secondly, raise your hand with the opposite leg simultaneously. Hold for a moment. And slow down your arm and leg.

Thirdly, do the second step with other leg and arm.

Other core strengthening exercises for beginners


The bridge exercise is performed for the reasons tone the belly fat as well as to strengthen the core muscles of the hips and abdominals.




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