You don’t want to face many heart-related problems after 50 years. Heavey weight can cause many health problems, including type 2 diabetes, heart-stroke. No one wants to have wrinkled skin. So, if you once gain fat and weight and then you try to lose fat it will not be good enough. Once you gain fat and weight, your skin becomes loose. Though you lose or burn fat, you don’t win the skin before the weight gain. So, today we will discuss the ” exercise for weight loss at home for female.”

These exercises will not only help you to lose weight but also keep you safe from many health problems. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. So, to be happy in life, you should always care about your health. A little change in lifestyle can make your life healthy and happy. So, let’s see the trendy exercise for weight loss for female. Though all exercises are suitable for both male and female, we have selected those exercises which are most effective for female.

Keep In Mind

The only exercise is not enough for losing weight. You should be careful about the other factors which help to gain weight. A healthy diet plan is necessary for losing weight. Besides regular exercises, and a healthy diet plan, you should give up the habit of drinking alcohol( the culprit of weight gain and source of many health problems).

  1. Do regular exercise.
  2. Take a healthy diet.
  3. Don’t take alcohol or tobacco.

Factors For Weight Gain

There are some factors which are avoidable and some factors which are unavoidable for weight gain. You can control some factors of weight gain, and you can’t control some factors. Let’s dive in deep about the factors that help to gain weight.

Family History / Genes

The genes of the family members are unavoidable factors for weight gain. If your parents suffer from obesity, then you are in a risky position to gain weight. Don’t worry. This is a rare case.


Stress is also a particular factor in weight gain. This is also an indirect factor for weight gain. You need to manage your anxiety for keeping you safe. Managing stress is crucial. When you feel stress, you like to eat more calories and foods contain more sugar. Both excess calories and sugar-related food help to gain more weight.

Junk Food

It is hard for someone to give up the habit of eating junk food for their taste. Junk food has been accessible to both children and adults. Who doesn’t love to eat pizza, burgers, rolls, french fries, and other junk foods?

Junk foods

But you should control the habit of eating these types of foods. ” Junk” informally means ” useless or little value”. Like the name, these foods also useless and cause many diseases. These foods contain a considerable amount of sugar and trans fat. Both sugar and trans fat are responsible for obesity. As junk foods don’t have enough protein and calories necessary for your health, you feel appetite and eat more.

Food Addiction

Some people are addicted to high-fat junk fat and sugar-sweetened foods. These foods also compared to commonly abused drugs. People can’t control them to maintain their daily eating behaviour. Whenever they see these foods, they taste these foods.


Some medicine contains the factors of weight gain. People don’t directly take these medicines. But they become obese for the side effects of the other medicines they receive for their health conditions.


Last, not least! Sugar is a culprit for weight gain. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life, you must control the taking sugar. There are many direct and indirect negative effects of taking more sugar. Keeping the sugar intake less than 10% of your total energy intake is safe for your health. If you want to get other health benefits, remain less than 5% of your total energy intake.

8 Best Exercise For Weight Loss At Home For Female

Push Up

Push up is one of the great and practical exercises. All gym experts suggest push up as core exercise for all levels of people. Female should do this exercise for shaping their body. You can build up your upper body by pushing ups.

Push up helps to improve the performance of the other exercises. It also helps to improve the performance of your daily activities. A perfect-form of push up will help you to shape your body, especially your chest and arm muscles. Don’t take the excess number of push-ups at a time. Do regularly. There are many variations of push up.

The Best Ways Of Taking Push Up

First of all, keep your face down. And keep your hands on the floor.

Secondly, keep your feet together.

Thirdly, Push up yourself using your hands.

Finally, lower your body.

This is the general process of doing push up. Do different types of push up, such as regular push up, and diamond push up and wide push up.


Pull-ups targets your upper body and arm muscles. There are many variations of pull-ups. You should start with standard pull-up exercises. People change pull-up based on the level of their exercise. Some popular types of pull-ups are given below:

  • Standard
  • Weighted
  • Behind-the-neck pull up
  • Mixed grip
  • Comando pull up
  • One arm pull-up
  • Climber’s chin-up
  • Sternum chins

See details here


Plank is one of the most effective isometric core exercises that strengthen the abdominals, back and shoulders. Women should do this exercise to burn fat and lose weight.

There are different kinds of Plank, such as side plank, extended plank, modified side plank, and medicine plank.


The bridge exercise is also known as glute Bridge, and Hip Raises. It is a beginner level exercise and targets glutes, abs, and hamstrings.

Though this bridge exercise is performed mainly for improving butt and hamstrings, it enhances the core stability of your body. As this exercise improves your core muscles and burns fat from the butt and hamstrings (back of the thigh), it helps to lose weight.

Animal Movements

Animal movements improve the overall fitness of your body and help to lose weight. To improve flexibility, balance, and co-ordinations of your body, you should do these exercises.

You will feel funny in time of doing these movements. As these exercises don’t need any gym materials, you can do at the gym, at home, and anywhere you want to do.


Running is one of the best exercises for overall body exercises. There are many health benefits of running. If you get the time and proper space, I will highly recommend the women to run at least 30 minutes per day.

Running will control the blood pressure of your body, burn fat from all parts of your body, improve the balance of your body, and improve core muscles.

If you don’t get enough time and proper place for running, use a treadmill. Be careful in the time of running in a treadmill or running outside. Use soft and safe running shoe for keeping safe your feet from any kinds of danger.


Swimming is another excellent exercise to lose your weight. It is an excellent resistance-training exercise that helps to improve your core muscles, get rid of the pain of your joints.

Turkish Get-Ups

Turkish Get-Ups help to burn fat as well as improve stability, mobility, and strength. You only need a kettlebell for this exercise.

You may read Polymetric Exercise for speed and power.

This exercise for weight loss at home for female is crucial.

Do regular exercises and lead a healthy and happy life.