Fat is an annoying mater wherever it is situated. Fat not only bad for your odd looking. It is also bad for health. Today we will discuss the best exercises and diets for getting rid of lower back fat. You should read the full content to know how to get rid of lower back fat.

How to get rid of lower back fat

We have discussed how to lose back fat before. We get a huge response from that article. Many have said it is easy to get rid of upper and middle back fat than lower back fat. You can easily lose your upper back fat by just push up. But it is sometimes critical to lose lower back fat.

So, let’s know the Exercises and Diets to get rid of lower back fat.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat: Exercises

There are many cardio exercises which can help you to lower back fat. Some common cardio exercises can burn your overall fat.

It is sure that you have only lower back fat. So, you want to lose lower back fat as well as overall body fat. So, you need to do some common cardio exercises for losing back fat and fat of other parts of your body.

Walking, running the stairs, jumping rope, and cycling are the best cardio exercises for losing fat.

But we will focus only on the exercises which will help to lose back fat.

Core strengthening exercises and progressive resistance training has direct effects to lose lower back fat.

Stomach Crunches:

Stomach crunches pressurize your abdominal fat. Crunches are core exercises like push-ups. Stomach crunches strengthen your abdominal muscle also. It is easy to do stomach crunches.

At first, lie on your back.

Secondly, bend your knees.

Thirdly, keep your arms on your chest.

Fourthly, lift your shoulder slowly and keep for few moments.

Finally, lower your shoulder slowly.

Reverse Crunches:

Like normal crunches, reverse crunches also help to lose lower back fat and strengthen abdominal muscles.

Step 01: Lie on your back fat keeping a mat on the floor.

Step 02: Raise your legs and keep your knees over your hips.

Step 03: Lift your hips and coccyx off.

Step 03: Slowly down your legs.

Russian Twist:

The Russian twist is a great home exercise for losing lower back fat. It also improves your body’s balance.

Russian Twist to get rid lower back fat

Best ways for doing the Russian twist

Step 01: Lie down on the floor. Take help from your partner for holding your feet or keep your feet that support your feet.

Step 02: Bend your legs and elevate your upper body. And keep your arm fully extended.

Step 03: Twist your torso from right to left.

Keep repeating this process. When you will able to adjust with this exercise, hold a weight.

Bicycle Crunches: 

Only this exercise can dramatically burn your lower back fat. You will really enjoy this exercise. It is a full-body exercise but especially works for improving stomach muscles and helps to get rid of lower back fat.

Best Ways To Do Bicycle Crunches: 

Step 01: Lie on the floor keep your face up.

Step 02: Hold your back side of your head with your hand.

Step 03: Lift your leg and touch your left hand’s elbow with the right leg’s knee. Go to the starting position. Then touch your right hand’s elbow with left leg’s knee.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Fat: Diets

Only exercises are not enough for getting rid of lower back fat. Now you know how to get rid of lower back fat by doing exercise. Now I will discuss how to get rid of lower back fat by proper diets.

We always try to be honest in time of writing an article. Honestly, there has no special food which can target your lower back fat. But Proper diets can burn your overall fat from the body.

You are facing problems of obesity because you’re taking more calories than you need. Besides, unhealthy diets, physical inactivity, stress genetics are also responsible for obesity.

There are different kinds of diet plan for losing fat. After reviewing all the diets plans, we have selected the following diet plan for you.


Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is comprised of staples like cereals, fruits, and vegetables, legumes, foods from animal sources. Like eating healthy foods, you should give up some habits for better result. Eating too much salt, sugar, processed foods, saturated fat are harmful to our health.

Now see some must-followed rules for staying healthy.

  1. Eat less fat: Though fat and oil are great sources of energy, they can increase the possibility of many serious diseases. You should know the differences between saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Because saturated fat has several bad effects on the body.
  2. Limit Sugar intake: Keep your sugar intake within 5% of your total energy intake. You should eat fresh fruits instead of cookies, cakes. Skip the soft drinks and soda.
  3. Limit Salt intake: 5h per day are perfect for you. More than 5h per day increases the possibility of heart diseases.
  4. Eat more fruits and vegetables: Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables. Consuming more fruits and vegetables can balance your fat in the body.


World Health Organizations, has given the above four rules to be healthy.