In case of losing arm fat, you need to focus on the criteria which can develop the muscles. There are various ways to lose arm fat. We have picked 10 medically proven rules of how to lose arm fat. These 10 rules are divided into 2 categories.  such as:

  •   Physical exercises ( 7 Rules) 
  •   Diet on eating ( 3 Rules)

Physical exercises for “how to lose arm fat”

Through different exercises regularly, it is possible to overcome the situations with the best outcomes. It includes four exercises such as tricep dips, tricep push-ups, punching with dumbbells and overhead tricep extension to lose arm fat within a short time period. It needs to focus on the following details:

Tricep Dips

  •   You have to sit on the chair by keeping your arms behind as well as moving hips to the seat’s edge.
  •   Then stretch your legs out in front of you and bending elbows on 90 degree angle by lowering yourself to the floor

Tricep drips how to lose arm fat

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  •   Taking some breaths and pushing arms back up as long as they remain straight
  •   You need to lift your body in this way for ten rounds

Tricep push-ups

  •   You need to be a yoga mat and moving to the plank position
  •   Then bend your elbows behind body but it requires arms tight to the body
  •   After that, you need to lower the chest till it reaches 2 inches high from the floor
  •   You need to hold on that position for 10-15 seconds
  •   Then straighten your arms for pushing the body up and make it 10 rounds

Punching with dumbbells

Punching with dumbbells is pro-level arm exercise. If you are severely suffering from arm fat and want to lose arm fat within the shortest amount of time, then you should do punching with dumbbells thrice a day.

Punching with dumbbells how to improve arm muscle

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  •   You need to stand with the feet hip along with holding a dumbbell in both hands
  •   Then you have to bend the elbows against the body
  •   Next, punch in the forward side with quickness as well as controlling the movements
  •   You have to alternate between each arm
  •   Perform this task for 60 seconds and make it 5 rounds
  •   You can start with 1 pound dumbbell and you are able to increase the weight gradually

Overhead tricep extension 

  •   In here, you need to stand with the feet hip but width apart and holding the dumbbells back your head
  •   You need to bend the elbows and make it tight to the ears
  •   There requires to straighten the arms for lifting the dumbbells slowly to the ceiling
  •   Then squeezing the tricep muscles towards the top movement as well as holding for a second
  •   After that, you need to back down the hands slowly to the earlier position
  •   Make it 10 rounds


Other Exercises For Improving Arm Muscle and Lose Arm Fat

Criss Cross Exercises:

Criss-cross exercise is also known as scissors exercise. Criss-cross exercise improves your arm muscles and loses arm fat. It is a very effective exercise. You can do this exercise anywhere you want.

You can use weight material. We will recommend you to use weight material when you do criss-cross at home. And when you outside the home do this exercise without weight material.

Best Ways of Doing Criss-Cross:

  • Firstly, Stand straight and make your hands position at the shoulder height.
  • Secondly, Move your hand like scissors.

Wall Push Up Exercise

Generally push up is a very effective exercise for beginner to expert level. It improves the upper body of you. Wall push up especially important for losing arm fat because wall push up has a great impact on the arm.

There is no need to have a wall all the time, you can do this exercise at any Perpendicular things like trees. So, it is easy to do it anywhere.

Don’t worry. It is not as hard as general push-ups.


Plank especially stresses on your arm. There are many functionalities of the Plank exercise.  If you want to lose belly fat, then plank is one of the best effective exercises.


Diet on eating for how to lose arm fat

Along with the physical exercises, there needs to concern about setting regulations upon regular food habits. Through dieting on the eating foods, it can sustain the outcome of exercises as well as developing the required energy for the body. It needs to concentrate on the following things:

Eating protein: In the human body, protein increases the level of energy and muscle. It prevents from building the arm fat as well as eating protein-rich breakfast thrice in a week. You need to eat foods like lean meats, yogurt, legumes and leafy green vegetables for increasing the protein level.

How to lose arm fat Eating protien

Lowering sugar habit: There has to avoid the sugar intake for preventing arm fat, otherwise, it would be difficult for you. You can swap the drinks containing sugar with the alternative sugar-free drinks such as diet coke.

Skip Sugar related foods how to lose arm fat

There needs to control over eating dessert items with high sugar and build habits of drinking coffee and team with no sugar.

Reducing overall calorie intake: There need to focus on the daily food items as well as outlining their protein. It requires to burn 3500 calories for losing one pounds fat in the body. You need to cut down your calorie consumptions for helping to tone to arms.

Through following this process of physical exercises and the control on eating habits, it is possible to lose the arm fat soon. You need to concern about both parts for overcoming the situations. If you miss one part such as: controlling on the eating habits, then it may not be possible to get the best outcome. Concentrate on those two parts and enjoy less fat on your arms.