Wherever the location of fats, they are effects of overweight. Overweight can cause belly fat, thigh fat, and fat in different parts of the body. People who search ” how to lose back fat” also search for how to lose belly fat and how to lose overweight.

And you must give up some bad habits and build up some good habits for reducing backfat.


Where my Back Fat is situated?

Back fat is always embarrassing wherever is situated. Fat can be stored in different parts of your back part.

Don’t worry. we are here to give the 7 best organic ways to lose back fat. We have classified the back fat into 3 different ways. You need to know about these separately because we will focus on special ways for losing fat from different parts of your body. So, let’s know the different parts of your back fat.

how to lose back fat

Generally, we have classified back fat in 3 ways based on the situation of fat in the backside.

  1. Lower-Back fat: 
  2. Middle back fat: 
  3. Top back Fat: 

What are the reasons For growing Backfat?

When you feel your clothes are not adjusting with your body, then you feel you are getting fat.

Now you try to find out what are the main reasons behind this. Oh! No. I could walk every day in the morning. I could skip dairy products.

Yes. Less activity and unregulated food habits make you obese. There are many other reasons for obesity. Genetics problems, some medications are also responsible for this backfat.

Whatever the reason of rising back fat, you need to do some exercises and maintain a proper diet for losing back fat. Irregularity in food habit and inactivity are the main reasons for increasing back fat. So you need to maintain regularity in food habit. And be active in your daily task and exercises.

Habits that can increase Backfat:

You are now reading this article by sitting on the chair or laying on your bed. Right! Don’t worry. This is my guess.

Generally speaking, If you do less activity and consume more calories, then you are walking to obesity.

Some people work sitting on the chair all-time at the office. They don’t get enough time to do physical exercises. Research has found that a person needs to do both moderate aerobic activity and vigorous aerobic activity every week. Every week you need to exercise moderate aerobic exercise at least 150 minutes. Or take 75 minutes of moderate aerobic activities.

Food that can increase Backfat:

There are no people who don’t like dairy products. Dairy food, sugar can increase back fat as well as overall body fat.

How to lose back Fat?

Wherever the location of your body fat, you need to maintain a balanced diet and make some good habits. Though there are some specific rules for burning fat from different parts of the body, there are some general rules for every person who is facing the fat problem.

Some exercises that target especially on your back are good for getting rid of back fat.

Side Plank: We have discussed different types of plank exercises to burn belly fat. Plank is also a good exercise for pressuring your back fat. Side Plank will improve abs. Side plank has many variations. kneeling side plank, raised side plank, gym ball side plank are popular side plank.


Best ways of doing side plank: Keeping the neck, abs, and legs at the straight position.



Common Mistakes in time of doing side plank: 

  1. Some people think that more time they will do exercise the more you can improve your body. But it is a myth. Every exercise has an optimum time. You need to do exercise for a specific time not less, not more.
  2. Don’t keep your back too lower or too higher. Keep the all body straight.
  3. Don’t bend your legs. Keep the lege position straight.

Bicycle crunches: Bicycle crunch is another great exercise to your lower back fat. It is also a great exercise to burn belly fat.

How to lose back fat

At first, lay on the ground and push your abs up and keep 10 to 20 seconds and then down your abs slowly.


Russian twists: Russian Twist can be modified by adding weight material. But we will recommend you to do Russian exercise first without weight. Do a few moments but do regularly. Consistency is very important for losing back fat.

Russian Twist for losing back fat

It is a little bit tough for the beginner. Keeping your but on the ground lift your upper body and legs up.

Don’t worry to keep your body balanced, ask the help of others.

Bridge: Bridge has multiple benefits in the body. It burns thigh fat as well as burns belly fat.

Mountain climber: Mountain climber is a good exercise for improving your abs. It not only improves the abs but also benefits the strength and flexibility of the body. As all parts of the body move in the time of doing mountain climber exercise, this exercise increases the blood circulation of the body.

To get the best result out of this exercise, you need to do follow some common rules of this exercise. Firstly, don’t do this exercise so fast. Secondly, keep your head and upper body flat.


Foods that you need to consume to lose back fat:

Food habit is also important like exercises. Drinking enough water, eat more vegetables, having fresh fruits can improve the metabolism system of your body.

Drinking Enough Water: Drinking enough water improves the digest system of your body. The blood circulation of your body improves by drinking enough water.

Though there has no direct effect of drinking water for losing back fat but drinking water burn body fat. Drinking water prevents to store fat on your body.

Enough Fruits and vegetables: Eating enough fruits and vegetables can lose back fat. But what amount do I need to eat fruits and vegetables? Make your daily meal with fresh fruits and vegetables and keep the ratio 1:1.

Make vegetable salads every time you take your meal.


Foods that you need to avoid to lose back fat:

We have seen how to lose back fat by doing regular exercises and consuming high protein low calories food.  But it is not the only way to lose back fat. You need to focus on avoiding food. A little change in diet can lose your overall weight and burn fat from different parts of the body.

Skip HIgh-calorie Drinks: High-calorie drinks contain fat and sugar which is very harmful to the body. To stay hydrated, drink enough water. Water has no side-effects at all.

Drinking enough water improves the digest system of your body. The blood circulation of your body improves by drinking enough water.

Avoid Junk Food: Some people are highly indulging in junk food. Don’t worry. You need not to fully give up consuming junk food. Eat little quantities of your favorite junk food. And do more exercises at the gym or at home.

If you want to hide your back fat with loose clothes, then you need to suffer along. You can hide back fat from others by wearing loose clothes but you can’t hide your fat from you.