” How to lose belly fat in a week” is a popular query of the people who are severely suffering from belly fat. Here you will get the practical diet plan of 7 days.


There is no way to reduce belly fat overnight without surgical operation. But the surgical operation has some side effects. It is also costly.

You want to lose your belly fat without side effects. If you get rid of one problem( fat Belly) and fall another question, then it is terrible. So, here we will learn how to lose belly fat in a week naturally.

Why “How To Lose Belly Fat In A Week”

There are many scientific diet plans to lose belly fat naturally. Some diet plans have focused on workouts. And some diet plans have focused on food. Both are very effective. Besides, there are some unique, scientifically proven diet plans which have focused on both workouts and eating.

Some diet plans which have focused have only workouts and exercises need a long time to lose belly fat. Sometimes it is hard to maintain a 3-month workout plan. People who are busy with their daily works can’t continue their workout plan.

Diet Plans, which only have focused on food, are sometimes monotonous for the people. People can’t eat extra food at a time.

So, I will describe here a top-rated diet plan consists of both workout and food. Many people have sent emails to me about this diet plan. A woman, Laura, has sent an email writing,” Though I need to work hard to follow this diet plan, it reduces my belly 8 inches within a week. I want to develop this plan again. thanks Healthtipzz.”

What Do I Need Before Following This Diet Plan

Since you need to do much work at the time of developing this diet plan, I will highly recommend you to take leaves from your office. If you can customize your work time, then you need not take leaves from your business and office.

Buy the necessary materials needed to follow this diet plan before starting this 7-days diet plan.

Foods that you should not take in the time of diet Plan

  1. Alcohol
  2. Dairy food
  3. Beans
  4. Gluten
  5. Suger
  6. Soft drinks

7 Days Diet Plan To Lose Your Belly Fat

Now, you have set up your mind to follow this diet plan to burn your belly fat. Follow the following Diet exercises and foods to get a flat tummy.

Early rising

Early rising is essential not only to get more time to do your tasks but also you will get maximum oxygen in the morning. You will get fresh air in the morning. This is a perfect time for running.

One Hour Running

Running is one of the best ways to burn calories. It will increase the blood circulation rate of your body. It will also decrease depression and increase heartbeat.

Run for 1 hour. Start your running slowly and then increase the speed of running. Take at best three intervals in time of running. Don’t take rest more than 3 minutes in the interval time. Drink some water when you take rest.

Take Breakfast with cucumber and Papaya Salad

After returning from running, take your breakfast with cucumber and papaya salad. Take a middle-sized cucumber and half papaya sliced. Don’t eat any dairy foods. Make your salad delicious.

You want to lose your belly fat as we as don’t want to be sick. So, eat low-fat energetic food.

  • Don’t eat yellow part of eggs.
  • Do eat any sugar made food.
  • Use little oil in time of cooking food.

Take A Short Nap

You have woke up early in the morning and burnt calories by 1-hour running. Now it is time to take a short nap. But don’t take this rest for more than 1 hour.

It is time to start the workout.

1-Hour workout

The conditioning doesn’t work if you don’t follow the right eating strategy. So, you need to know the right ways of exercises and make a perfect eating strategy according to your body. Don’t follow the workout who are doing the workout for five years. You are a beginner. If you follow the exercise of a five-year experienced people, then you may take medical treatment after the workout.

So, don’t take an excessive workout. I am describing the exercise for the beginners. Just follow the following rules.

Rope Jumping 10 minutes: Rope jumping is an excellent warm-up exercise. It makes flexible all parts of your body. It prepares your body to take other hard workouts. Take 10 minutes rope jumping. Start slowly and increase your speed after 2 minutes. Keep momentum 150-180 per minute. It will dramatically burn calories.

Push up 10 minutes: Push up is a primary and daily-routined exercise in gym and military. It will burn the right amount of calories from your body.

There are different kinds of push up. Before taking push-ups, keep your body in the right position.

Pull up 10 minutes: 

Pull up is very hard for beginners. You can start pulling up with the help of others. But try your level best to pull up your body.

Take a break for 10 minutes

Now it is time to take rest.

Crunches 10 minutes:

Crunches have a direct effect on your belly fat. It dramatically burns your belly fat. Crunch is a tough exercise. If you feel hard this exercise, ask another to help you.

There are many types of crunches.

  • Twist crunches
  • Side crunches
  • Reverse crunches

Bicycle Exercise 10 minutes:

It is another excellent exercise to burn belly fat and improve the abdominal. You know riding a bicycle is a great way to improve health condition and lose belly fat. You may not have a bicycle, or you face the problem in a bicycle. So this is excellent ways to decrease belly fat.


Rolling Plank Exercise 10 minutes: 

Rolling Plank exercise improve hip, lower back, and abdomen of your body. It is like playing.

According to the Journal of Strength: 

Rolling Plank exercise engage in your Abdomen: 100%

Crunches engage in your abdomen: 64%


So, it is a fantastic exercise to improve your stomach. You will get a flat stomach by this method.

Take Luncheon

Drink a lemon juice. Lemon juice is fast fat burner juice. It will not only burn the belly fat but also removes the toxin from your body.

Before half an hour of luncheon, take this juice.

Now eat some low fat, high energetic meal. Eat more fibered food.

Take a short Nap Again

This nap will make you refresh.

Take green tea with ginger

You can make tea easily with ginger. Green tea and ginger both are fat burner material.

Ginger will improve your digestive system and decrease belly fat. Take two times a day this kind of tea.

Give time with your friends and families

Some people may say it is irrelevant to the mater of losing belly fat. But doctors say it is a vital factor for reducing belly fat. Because I have already said, stress is one of the main factors for increasing belly fat. So, you need to lessen the stress.

You can lessen your stress in multiple ways. But traveling with friends and families is a very effective way to decrease anxiety.

Take a light dinner

Always keep in mind that you need to follow some rules to do something. It is sometimes difficult to change the habit. But you want to lose your belly fat, and so you need to follow these rules.

I am again saying take your dinner before 2 hours before you generally to bed for sleeping.

Say Good-Bye to daily Diet

Now it is time to say goodbye to your one day diet. Repeat the same rules for every day in the week. After a week, you will see the changes in your belly fat.

If you don’t change your habit, which increases your belly fat, it will be impossible to lose your belly fat.

It is not hard to follow these rules.

These rules not only decrease the belly fat but also improve your body condition. If you love this article and get the result, please let us know.

And if you face any problem in the time of this diet, contact us. Our doctors will knock you for treatment.


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You can reduce a certain amount of fat by following this content of how to lose belly fat in a week, but you need to take more time to get an entirely flat belly.