Having belly fat is not only a matter of ugly looking but also it is a good sign for your health risk. You are not on the right track. So, you obviously should know how to lose belly fat.



A healthy way is needed to lose belly fat. You should not take pills for losing belly fat. Because it may hamper your body. So, be careful in time of taking pills. Don’t use pills without a doctor’s suggestion.

Life is busy. Who doesn’t want to develop in their carrier? All want to earn more money. We work hard to increase the profit of our business. Money increases the buying power of us. But we should keep in mind “ Health is the root of all happiness”.

Here, I will discuss ways to l belly fat. Sometimes you are so busy that you can’t go to the gym for your fitness. You can take some ways to lose your belly fat. You should build up some habits and give up some habits to lose your belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Exercises: 

Exercises are the most popular and natural ways to lose belly fat. But you should be careful in time of exercising. If you don’t maintain proper exercises, your body will become more ugly to look at. It is bad practice to exercise more at a time. You should maintain contingency. If you exercise 6 hours at a time in a week, it is bad practice. You should do exercise for one hour daily to get the best result.

Now I am presenting some medically proved exercises to lose belly fat. I am explaining these exercises first because these exercise will not only lose belly fat but also improve your body fitness to work more.


Push up is a very effective exercise not only to lose belly fat but also to improve your upper body structure. It is a very common exercise both in the gym and in the military exercise. It improves the overall fitness of your body.



When you start to push up, you should not take any stress in your body and mind. This exercise burns the calories from your body. 


Crunches is another effective exercise to lose belly fat. This exercise has a direct effect to lose belly fat.

You just lay on the floor by keeping your face up. Then slowly move forward your upper body. Your upper body and your feet will stay in a right-angled position. After staying some seconds, slowly move back your upper body and go the first position.



Recently advanced crunches have been popular also. In the advanced crunches, you need to do the reverse moving of your body. Lay down on the floor like the general crunches. In this time, move forward your feet and move back your feet.

You should use a mat lessen pain in time of doing crunches.

Walking and Running:

Walking is a good exercise for all kinds of people. When we walk, all parts of our body move. Walking burn fat from the belly.

How to ose belly fat runnig

Running is very effective for young people. It instantly burns fat and loses belly fat. To be safe in time of running, you should use running shoes. Firstly, start at a low speed. Secondly, keep your body straight. Thirdly, after some time increase the speed of running.

Rope Jumping

Your whole body repeatedly moves in time of rope jumping. You should set target 150 – 180 times per minute. Do 10 minutes with a 1-minute interval. 

How to lose belly fat rope jumping

It increases the blood circulation rate of your body. Rope Jumping is more effective than running. It enhances your working speed and it coordinates the body parts.


Every people know swimming is the only exercise where you need to move your all body parts. Swimming is good for both physical and mental. You can relax your body and mind with swimming.

How to lose belly fat swimming

Bicycling: You can lose your belly fat only 30 minutes bicycling. It is a good way to lose your belly fat and to travel to your favorite place. If you don’t want to go outside, buy a fitness bicycling.

How to lose belly fat bicycling healthtipzz

Disclaimer: You don’t need to do all the exercises I have described above. You can choose two or three exercises according to your interest and capability. If you can’t ride a bicycle, then chose running.

Food “ How to lose belly fat”

You should keep in mind both the name of food which increases fat and the name of food which loses belly fat. Because you should avoid the food which increases the fat and eat the food which decreases the belly fat. Some fruits low calories. You can’t live without food. So, eat that food which contains high protein but low fat. 

You are here because you are suffering from belly fat and you have searched writing “ how to lose belly fat”. Doctors suggest the following foods. You should eat regularly these foods to lose your belly fat.


Foods That Decreases Belly Fat:  

Water: Water is good for maintaining all functionalities of your body. If you don’t drink enough water, you will face many diseases. How much water should I need to drink to maintain proper health? It depends on many factors. Your age, body structure, the country you live in, seasons.  

How to lose belly fat by drinking water

You should keep in mind “ Anything excessive is not good”. So, you should not drink more water also. Drink moderate water based on your facts.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are usually used for making the salad. Cucumber contains more than 95% water. It reduces toxins from your body. It is used for both health benefit and beauty benefit. According to science, it is a fruit, not vegetable. Like water, it will keep your body safe from dehydration.

Though this fruit contains low calory, it is rich in minerals and vitamins ( C, K, and B). It is a bad habit to peel cucumbers. Because if you peel cucumbers, you will lose minerals, fibers, and vitamins.

So, eat more cucumbers. 

Papaya: Papaya has papain and enzyme which improve your digest system. It not only improves your digest system but also gives you glowing skin.

Starting a day with the salad of papaya is a good practice if you seriously want to lose belly fat in a natural way.

The times of India has reported on the diet by Papaya. They have suggested eating majorly papaya two days a week. You can eat papaya by making salad or juice.

You will be surprised to know that papaya seed also used to reduce weight loss. Eat eight to ten seeds as pills or in the form of a paste.

Banana: Banana contains Potassium. And Potassium fights against the fat. 

Ginger: Ginger is used for multiple health-related problems. It is used for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antinausea, balanced blood sugar, weight loss especially lose belly fat.

You can eat ginger with tea or drink ginger water. Just boil water with ginger. Then drink ginger water.


Habits that you need to avoid:

Drinking Alcohol: Drinking too much alcohol can damage your body’s functionalities. It can damage your liver, brain and other important body function.

Alcohol has some short and long term bad effects. The “Drugfreeworld” has listed a number of short and long term bad effects of consuming alcohol.

Late night Sleep: Sometimes we go to bed very late night. But researchers have found the productivity of a person is high if he goes early to bad and wake up very early in the morning. The best time to go to bed between 8.00pm to 12 am.



You can track your sleeping by using some app found on “App Store” and ” Play Store”. They will track your sleeping time, deepness of your sleep.

Inactivity: Using social media, people are becoming more lonely than before. People now prefer to stay on online than going outside with friends. It is one reason to be fat. You need to walk either morning or afternoon. You can enjoy the beautify scenery by going outside.

Using Elevator Every time: If you use Elevator all time, you are missing to lessen your calories. In every 20 steps of stair climbing, you can burn 8 to 9 calories. Sometimes you need to wait in the queue to use the elevator. So, use stairs in time of short moving in the stairs.

Unfiltered Coffee: Coffee contains a great amount of oil. If you drink unfiltered coffee, you will consume a great amount of oil. If you suffering from belly fat, use a paper filter to get oil free coffee.

Irregularities in mealtime: If you take your meals irregularly, it can cause a big problem in your digest system. It ultimately leads to an increase in belly fat. Doctors suggest to take meal proper time. The Proper time of breakfast is 7am to 8am . You need to take you launch between 12 Pm to 1 Pm. And you need to take supper at least 2 hours before you go to bed. 

Over Stress: Stressing is a big factor for increasing belly fat. When you take too much stress in the brain, the body creates some hormones which are responsible for belly fat. So, you need to reduce your stress any ways.

There are many tips on online which really works for reducing stress. You can reduce your stree by doing the right work at right time. If you keep your daily works for tomorrow, then you need to work hard for your previous works. 

Besides, you can plan for your works. Use some to do task tools to finish your works at the right time.

Thanks for reading this post. I think you really want to lose your belly fat. Because you have patiently read this article.  There are many ways to lose your belly fat. But you need not to do all. You should choose the ways which are comfortable according to your lifestyle. If you are busy with your daily work and don’t get enough time to do exercise, then I will suggest you follow some diet plans.

There are many diet Plans. Some diet plans are for a short time and some are for a long time. You can read the article named ” How to lose belly fat in 10 days”. It is a very effective diet plan. You will get a flat tummy by following this diet plan. 

Don’t use any diet plan which has some side effects.