Knowing the reasons for increasing neck fat will help you to understand how to lose neck fat without surgery. There are many reasons for a big neck which looks odd to the people and uncomfortable to you. Neck fat is also known as a “double chin” and “turkey neck.” Don’t be worried. We are here to give you the best ways to lose neck fat without any side effects.

How to lose neck fat or double chin

Reasons for Neck Fat

Genetics, age, imbalance of energy, posture, water retention, hypothyroidism, over-weight, and fat body are some of the main reasons for increasing fat in the neck. But don’t worry. For every kind of problem, there has a solution. So, let’s diagnose why my neck is big.

Age: Skin becomes more elastic with the increase of age. So, after 50 years old, your skin starts to lose. And automatically your neck will be more flexible and big.

If you eat healthy food and give up some bad habits as well as do exercise regularly, your body will keep healthy, and your skin will be more fit at your old age. It is normal to be big neck after a certain period. You need not worry about it.

Genetics: Gene is another main factor for increasing neck fat. If your family members have a double chin, it is sometimes common to face neck fat problem.

Imbalance of Energy: If you consume more calories, and burn fewer calories, then the body continuously becomes fatty. And generally, your neck becomes fatty.

You can easily control this kind of problem. Some regular exercises will remove your neck fat. Moving lower jaw is a good exercise for losing neck fat. But this is not the only way to lose neck fat. There are many activities to get rid of the double chin.

Double chin How to lose double chin


Though there are several reasons for neck fat, Obesity is the main factor of neck fat. So, we will discuss here how to lose neck fat without surgery. Because by doing surgery, you can get rid of neck fat, but there are many side effects of neck fat surgery. Besides, surgery is a costly way. So, let’s see some practical ways to lose neck fat without side effect.


Most Effective Exercises for Losing Neck fat

Move Lower Jaw Back and Forth: It is straightforward to exercise. Just move back and forth. You can do this exercise anywhere you want. Do this exercise at home, at the office, in the car, in the field. Do do this exercise for more than 5 minutes. If you do this exercise for more than 5 minutes, you can face neck pain.

Sky Kissing: Sky Kissing is a great way to lose neck fat. Keep your face upward and kiss the sky.


Smile Enough: When you smile, the skin of your neck moves. And it ultimately makes your neck more tone.

Exercise of how to lose neck fat


Mouth Wash Exercise: Mouth wash exercise is an excellent way to lose neck fat. To get rid of double chin, do mouth wash exercise after brushing teeth.


Chew Gum: When you chew gum, your neck skin moves. It is an excellent way to do mouth tilt at any time anywhere. It has positive effects on your neck and face.

Chewing Gum How to lose neck fat

Decrease calories from your meal: Decreasing calories from your daily meal is an excellent way to lose overall body fat and neck fat. At first, you can count the total amount of calory you consume. Counting calories is now an easy task — download health-related app from the Play Store or App Store. Then, whenever you eat something enlist it. Finally, you will see the total amount of calorie you have consumed.

Now you cut down calories. According to WikiHow,  if you cut down 500 calories, you can lose your weight 1 pound in a week.

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Some Other things you should consider for losing Neck fat

Eat Enough Fruits and vegetables: Low calorie and high fiber are available in fruits and vegetable. Have your meal with fruits and vegetables.

Skin Care Products: There are lots of sunscreen products in the market. Use sunscreen products to get rid of wrinkles, sagging skin. It will keep the moisture of your skin.

Retinol/Tretinoin Creams: Retinol or tretinoin cream is a great way to make your skin healthy and get younger skin. This kind of cream tightens pores, stimulates blood flow of the skin. Besides, it evens color and improves texture.

What You Should Never Do

Wear Heavy Necklace: Wearing heave necklace has very adverse effects on your neck. It will pressurize on your neck and make your neck skin loose.

how to lose neck fat heavy necklace


Recap: There has no way to lose neck fat overnight without surgery. You should be passionate in time of losing neck fat and overweight. Consume fewer calories, do some physical exercises, use sunscreen and retinol cream to make your neck attractable to others.

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