Is a bigger thigh a health problem? Do you want to know about the myths of ” How to lose thigh fat”? Today we will discuss all the things you need to know about thigh fat.


Some people are claiming that their thighs are going to look more prominent than before. You may get bigger thighs for many reasons. Generally bigger thighs are results from exercises or body fat. If you do exercises at home or the gym, your joints and muscles will be stiff and bigger. It is widespread that when you do lower body exercises, you get muscular thighs.

Bigger thighs are a positive sign of proper exercise. Lower body’s strength is crucial for your overall body fitness.

Problems start when your thighs are more prominent for the reason of body fat. When you eat fatty food and don’t exercise enough, you will face the problem of obesity. Your body will consume a significant amount of fat. If you encounter this kind of problem, then our content named ” how to lose thigh fat” will help you to reduce thigh fat.

What do I need to do for “how to lose thigh fat?”

You don’t want to lose only thigh fat keeping your body fatty. You want to lose body fat and thigh fat. There are some general rules to lose body fat and thigh fat. You need to follow some standard rules to lose overall fat from your body.


In this context, we will only focus on ” How to lose thigh fat.” Follow the following rules to lose thigh fat. You also need to follow ” how to lose overall weight.”

Following these two contents, you will get a high fitness body and tone thigh.

What should I eat to lose thigh fat?

Eating habit is very important to be healthy and lose thigh fat as well as body fat. You need to maintain calories deficiency to lose thigh fat. Consuming calories should not be higher than burning calories.

You should eat low calories but high protein food. Be careful about your regular meal. Don’t skip any meal for burning fat. You can track your calories by using many apps found on the App Store and Play Store. You can also track your sleep. By getting the report from the apps, you can improve your sleep. The app will also suggest you what you need to do according to your body’s overall information.


There are some contents on the web which suggest some food for losing thigh fat. But there has no proven source of those writing. In a general sense, our digesting system produces calories from the menu, and our body gets power from these calories.

So, to lose thigh fat, eat the foods that contain low calories, low fat, and high protein. There are some basic rules for eating that you should follow and there are some rules of eating that you should not follow.

Rules of Eating:

Nobody cares about your health. Only you can take care of your health.

Eat Small: When it is essential that what I need to eat for losing fat, then it is more important how much I should eat. There has no specific amount of eating. But you should not eat more. Overeating is harmful. Overeating causes serious health problems.

A small amount of eating is exceedingly salutary for your health. If you eat more, it can affect your brain. Generally, when we eat more food, we feel uncomfortable, feel lazy, feel sleepy.

Drink Enough Water: Drink enough water every day. Drinking enough water keeps our health fit. Your body temperature goes high if you eat less water. Your stomach can’t digest appropriately for the lack of water.


Eat fresh food:  When you eat or drink processed food, you may consume some chemical with processed food. The manufacturers use some preservative chemical for keeping food clean.

I will recommend you to make your food or juice yourself.

What exercises should I  follow for how to lose thigh fat

Exercises or eating habits! Sometimes people want to follow one of these golden rules for lessening your body fat. When you search ” how to lose thigh fat,” some websites suggest you some food only. And some sites suggest you do some exercises only. If you follow only one rule, then you will not be able to reach your destination of getting fatless body and thigh.

Always keep in mind,” if you do exercise regularly, you will be fit, your body’s functionality will improve, your muscles and joints will be widened.” The bigger thigh is not always a problem.

When you do running, walking, swimming, squats, burpees, push-up, crunches, the muscles of your body improves. You get the stronger and bigger arm and thigh. Here I will discuss some specific exercises for losing thigh fat.


The squat will improve your thigh and burn your thigh fat. All good trainers keep squats as one of the essential exercises in their list. It improves your lower and upper body. If you are a beginner, then start without any weight materials.

It comfortable and you can do this everywhere, inside the home or outside the home. Do this exercise 20 times – 5 sets.

There are different kinds of squat for sliming thigh. Every squat has different types of objectives. Squat with kickback, oblique squat, sumo squat, narrow squat, pop squat, pistol squat, curtsey squat, split squat are popular forms of squats for losing fat from the thigh.

Hip rolls: 

Hip rolls improve thigh muscles and lose this fat. Hip rolling targets the midsection of your body and enhances thigh muscles.

The Single-Leg Circle

Single leg circle is a very tough exercise. I will recommend you to hold something in the time of doing this. You can start this exercise also laying on the floor. Great!

It improves your abdominal muscles, hamstrings, and thigh. You need little equipment to do this. Just use a good mat for your comfort.

Start this exercise according to the video.

It is for a beginner. When you are stable, then change this position and try to do this exercise standing up.

Leg Scissor

Leg scissors will impact on your leg and thigh. Move your leg like scissors. The process of leg scissor will burn a significant amount of fat from your groin.

Hip Bridge

Gluteus fat is a big problem for fitness conscious people. Hip bridge burns butt fat and strengthens lower body and hip. It also strengthens hamstrings and if you can do single leg circle correctly.

Just follow according to the video. And do it regularly. There does not need any weight equipment. Only use a good mat for your comfort.

Some common mistakes in the time of the hip bridge:

  1. Too fast: Don’t do this exercise too soon. Raise your hip slowly and again down your hip slowly. Doing too fast this exercise, you will be exhausted.
  2. The too-high raising of the hip: Don’t raise your hip to high. You can’t lose thigh fat overnight. So, you should try this exercise very carefully.
  3. Excessive pressure on the lower back muscles:
  4. Uneven hips:
  5. Uneven foot Pressure: This exercise has been done for improving your hip and thigh. So, don’t pressurize your foot in the time of doing the hip bridge.

There are many variations in hip bridges. Scaled hip bridge, advanced hip bridge, Box hip bridge are famous hip bridges.

Leg Kicks:

Leg kicks are very useful for stretching your leg and thigh. The Muscles of your thigh will lose by leg kicks. It increases the flexibility of the thigh. Improve abs.


These back-friendly strengthen glutes, hamstrings, calves, and lose thigh fat. Lunges especially improve quadriceps. You can add this exercise in your daily workout routine.

You can do this exercise anywhere, your home, or outside of your home. No equipment is required.


Five benefits of Lunges:

  1. Improve balance
  2. Increase the flexibility of your hip
  3. Strength legs and Buttocks
  4. Improves Thigh:
  5. Improve the core functionality of the body

Leg Lift and Hold:

Leg lift and hold exercise is one of the essential static activities. It strengthens and stabilizes your body without hardworking exercises. People who are suffering from leg, knee, thigh, and hip should do this exercise.

Sometimes doctors suggest this kind of exercise as physical therapy. There are different kinds of leg lig lifting and holding exercises. Every type of exercise has some unique purpose. Some for stabilizing the pelvis, some for toning leg or thigh and some for strengthening the hip.

Here we will discuss only the thigh-related exercise.

Seated leg lifts: Seated leg lift is a good workout for improving your thigh. It looks so accessible to all. But this easy exercise will strengthen your leg and thigh.

In leg isolate the inner muscle: It is vital for some persons. Some people may have slim thighs, but they sometimes face inherent muscle problem. There are some specific exercises for isolating inner thigh muscles.

These are the basic building block exercises for thigh fat. No good things can be gained overnight. Losing or removing fat from the body is harder than the losing weight. So, you should be consistent in doing these exercises.