Many people have mailed us and asked: ” how to lose visceral fat without side effect?” It is not the problem of those specific persons who mailed us but also it problem of many people. It is common problem who leads a sedentary lifestyle.

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Facts You should know before reading this content.

  • A moderate amount of fat is good for health.
  • Excessive visceral fat is harmful to health and can cause many diseases including heart attacks and cancer. 
  • Daily exercise and a balanced diet can prevent to store visceral fat in your body. 

You already know what is visceral fat. And you know the bad effect of it.

In this content, I will say everything about visceral fat.

After reading this content you will able to know the following lessons about visceral fat.

  1. What is visceral fat?
  2. What are the differences between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?
  3. The symptoms of visceral fat?
  4. What are the effects of visceral fat?
  5. How to diagnose visceral fat?
  6. Why is visceral fat stored in your body?
  7. How to lose visceral fat?
  8. What shouldn’t you do to get rid of this bad fat?

You don’t want to drink poison and then go to the doctor to get rid of the poison. The foods which cause this fat are like poison. But it destroys your body slowly. You should be careful about your eating habit.

What is visceral fat?

Visceral fat is internal body fat which is stored in nearby the Abdominal. This fat is stored around the liver and some important body organs.

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According to the CDC ( Center For Diseases and Control Prevention ), more than 100 million are suffering from diabetes. And visceral fat is one of the most important factors for causing diabetes.

There are many other death-causing diseases which are occurred for the visceral fat. You should be careful about your health and especially fat. Because if fat is stored once, it is difficult to get rid of fat.

What are the differences between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?

Some people are confused about the subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. They are not the same. Subcutaneous fat is one kind of fat which is stored only under the skin. Though both are fats are stored under the skin, visceral skin is stored around the internal body organ.

Visceral fat has a high risk of death than subcutaneous fat. Sometimes, subcutaneous death is not dangerous but healthful.

What are the symptoms of this kind of fat?

You can primarily assess the visceral fat by knowing body shape. Generally, there are two types of body shape. One is a pear-shaped body and another is an apple-shaped body.

Apple shaped body has a high risk of visceral fat.


Why is visceral fat stored in our internal organs?

Visceral fat affects the function of hormones. Including type 2 diabetes, it has a harmful effect on our body.

Overeating is one of the reasons for visceral fat. Inflammation and chronic stress are also responsible for increasing visceral fat.

Research has found that genetic is another reason for increasing this kind of fat. So, you need to lead a routine-wise life.

The effects of visceral fat

Having visceral fat is not always bad. But if you have more fat than general, you need to face a lot of problems. It can even cause immature death.

Harvard Medical School has published an article describing women face visceral fat than man.

Once middle-aged people and old people would accept it as normal. But now it is the symptom of many health problems. Generally, it looks awkward. But looking bad is not the area of its effect. It has a broad area of effects.

From Type 2 diabetes, it can cause heart attack and breast cancer. Besides, there has a high risk of colorectal cancer. It also increases high blood pressure.

Don’t be worried. If you follow the 7 medically proven ways, you can get rid of this problem. So, it first you need to be confirmed about your visceral fat. Then you need to follow 7 medically proven ways to lose visceral fat.

How to diagnose visceral fat?

You have searched writing ” how to lose visceral fat” on the search engine. Because you have known the harmful effects of it. But have you ever diagnose visceral fat? Fat belly always doesn’t indicate visceral fat. Having more than 10% of visceral fat is a disease.

MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan) is a certain way to diagnose fat. But it is a costly way to diagnose this problem. You can measure it more by a waistline measurement which will provide you a good indicator of having visceral fat.

Besides, there has an interesting way to assess visceral fat. According to Harvard Medical School, your body shape reflects the visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. If your body is pear-shaped, then you have subcutaneous fat. And if your abdominal is apple-shaped, then you have visceral fat.



How to lose visceral fat?

Now you are confirmed that you have visceral fat. But you need not to be worried. Some exercises and diets can remove this fat.

There are many exercises for losing visceral fat. There are some basic principles in the time of doing exercises.

Firstly, you should take regular exercises. Not too long-time exercise not too short-time exercise. Every day take 30 minutes of exercise.

Secondly, you should not drink and alcoholic drinks.

Thirdly, You should not be highly stressed.  You should know how to reduce stress and to be happy always.

Fourthly, You should drink enough water.

Fifthly, You should avoid sugar and sugar-related foods and drinks.

Sixthly, You should take proper sleep. 8 hours of sleeping balances your hormone function of the body.

Seventhly and finally, go to the doctor for regular checking.

People who are suffering from overall body fat may have this kind of fat. So, if you want to lose visceral fat, you should maintain the exercises and diets which we have preferred to lose belly fat.

Following the rules, you can get rid of visceral fat. But if you don’t follow rules after getting rid of visceral fat or any other fat, you will suffer again.