Privacy Policy

What kinds Of Information We Collect From Visitor

Health Tipzz collect the visitors different kinds of information depending on the interection and the level of use of our website. We collect the information for the better service to our customer. We collect information through the following ways: 

1. Subscribe: To provide our free consultation service, or the latest news about the diet, health-related issues, we collect Name, email, location, health condition of the visitors. 

2. Cookies: WE use your interaction( such as the pages you visit, IP address, and browser details) for providing better service. For re-targeting purpose, we use cookies and collect your movement in our site. 

3. Survey: Sometimes we conduct survey to collects some information. We use these information for the research purpose. 


For What Purpose WE Use Visitors' Information?

WE use your information to provide the services you wanted in time of providing information. We also use information for the following purpose. 

1. Marketing: Once you have take the service from us. You may be interested to take other service from us. To inform you the latest service, and discount offer, we sometimes provide the email or conduct re-targeting methods of marketing. 

2. Research: For the research purpose, we use your information. 

3. Legal Requirements: In case of the request from the regulatory body of the state, we provide the information.