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“My happiest hours, aye! all the time, / I love to keep in memory, / Lapsed among moors, ere life’s first prime / Decayed to dark anxiety.” These famous lines have been taken from the poem “The Teacher’s Monologue” by Charlotte Bronte. The purpose of quoting these lines is to motivate you who are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder. To me, there is not a single person in this beautiful world who is not suffering from anxiety. But some anxieties are mere anxieties, and some are a generalized anxiety disorder. In this article, we are providing you with essential information by which you can find out the best treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

Do you have any idea about generalized anxiety disorder?

A question may have arisen to your mind as soon as you hear about generalized anxiety disorder, and that is – What is generalised anxiety disorder? So, before telling about the treatment, I should make it clear first.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a kind of psychological disease, and is characterized by exaggerated, persistent, and excessive worry about one’s life. He/she has no particular reasons to worry about family, health, wealth, work, educational institutions, relationships, or other issues. This disease has a dominating power that generally lasts for a long time, and the victim finds it hard to control. His/her worry is almost unrealistic in comparison with the situation.

Don’t worry if you are a victim. You will have several different treatments and medications, and they will certainly help you to lead a normal life again. You can search for it on Google by writing down The best treatment for generalized anxiety disorder.

Are you a victim of generalized anxiety disorder? Let’s check at a glance:

When a person cannot control his/her anxiety for an extended period, especially for at least six months, it seems that he/she is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. If you are a victim, you will find some symptoms of the disease. So, to be sure, go through the following points.

You will –

  • Feel Excessive worry and tension.
  • Feel an unrealistic view of problems.
  • Feel nervous.
  • Behave badly or irritably.
  • Feel an increased heart rate.
  • Suffer from muscle tension, headaches, excessive sweating, tiredness, nausea.
  • Find difficulty in concentration.
  • Tremble with fear.
  • Find it difficult to fall or stay asleep.
  • Suffer from hyperventilation.
  • Suffer from gastrointestinal
  • And more.


Factors for GAD

The real cause of generalized anxiety disorder is entirely unknown. Scientists have been working hard to find out the exact reasons for it, but they haven’t agreed with one another yet. Form their researches; several factors have come to the front, such as heredity or genetics, brain chemistry, and environmental stresses. You will get more information about them from the following discussions.

Heredity or Genetics

Heredity or genetics means family history can play a vital role to increase the possibility of generalized anxiety disorder. If any family members suffer from GAD, the next generations may also suffer from the same disease.

Brain chemistry

Abnormal functioning of some nerve cell paths results in generalized anxiety disorders (GAD) because they are connected with certain areas of the brain. The connections of these nerve cells rely on chemicals called neurotransmitters that put out information one nerve cell to another. Sometimes, the nerve cells cannot run effectively, and as a result, it creates anxiety or depression.

Environmental stresses

Shock, pressure or change of habits such as the death of a beloved one, abuse, changing of jobs, divorce, and withdrawal from alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can cause generalized anxiety disorders.

Treatments for generalized anxiety disorders

What do you think about the best treatments for generalized anxiety disorders? There are many kinds of treatments for GAD. Here, we are providing you all the information regarding the treatments of GAD; you just go through our recommendations and choose the best one among them. But, first of all, you need to go for some medical tests to diagnose if you are suffering from GAD. Let’s go for Diagnosis:


To diagnose generalized anxiety disorder, you may face several physical tests to make sure whether you are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder or not. Not only that, the tests will ensure the possible level and present condition of disorder you are in. Your consultant may ask for blood or urine tests or other tests as well as your signs and medical history. He may use psychological survey report to diagnose. He may also use the criteria lists published by the American Psychiatric Association.


Middle-aged people generally become the victims of GAD, but people of all ages can be victims also. People suffering from generalized anxiety disorder are afraid of a wide range of things, and that is why it is called generalized anxiety, but don’t worry; there are different treatments which may help you to cool your anxiety down, and you may lead a normal life like again.

How can you help yourself?

There is a tendency in many people who are suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder; they don’t want to consult a doctor to find a way out and to get rid of this disorder.

Most of them suffer continuously, and the rest try to manage their depressions or anxiety by taking help from books, the internet; learn relaxation techniques. For example, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training or yoga. Some other people take herbal sedatives like valerian, passionflower or lavender.

Types of treatment for a generalized anxiety disorder:

The world is full of experts and scientists. So, different ideas have emerged. The same thing happens in the field of generalized anxiety disorder. Though there are debates, most of the experts have told about two main treatments for generalized anxiety disorder. They are Psychotherapy and Medications. But, listen to me carefully. If you are a patient of GAD, you are kindly requested to follow both of them, compare them, and then, think which one is the best for you.


Will you follow Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is also known as cognitive-behavioral therapy, or talk therapy, or psychological counseling. The process of this therapy is to work with a therapist to reduce the symptoms of your anxiety.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a short-term treatment that generally teaches you specific skills to reduce your worries and with the help of it, you will gradually return to the normal activities that you have given up because of depression. With the help of this process, your symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder will improve and you will be initially strong day by day.

Behavioral therapists offer Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and it involves weekly sessions. The sessions are continued for several weeks or months. CBT has two parts. The first part deals with thoughts and feelings and the second part deals with behavior.

While dealing with thoughts and feelings, a therapist tries to find out your thought patterns that contribute to feelings of anxiety. After finding out them, he tells you the way that helps you to get rid of anxiety. While dealing with behavior, a therapist tries to down your level of anxiety in certain situations slowly and helps you to change your behavior.

The goal of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT):

The main goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to modify your thought patterns which promote your anxiety. In this stage, a therapist tries to learn and identify your unrealistic anxieties and fears and challenge them. He tries to evaluate the actual likelihood and consequences of the things that promote anxiety and to make you able to cope with insecurities.


There are several types of medications that are used as treatments for generalized anxiety disorder. Firstly, you need to talk to your doctor and ask him about the benefits, risks and side effects of the medicines. Will you please read about the following medicines?

Medication for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Antidepressants: The most effective medication for generalized anxiety disorder is Antidepressants. This includes Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) and Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor (SNRI) classes. They are regarded as the first-line medication treatments for GAD. They include Duloxetine (Cymbalta), Escitalopram (Lexapro), Paroxetine (Paxil, Pexeva) and Venlafaxine (Effexor XR). There are other antidepressants your doctor may suggest. They are –

Benzodiazepines: These tranquilizers are effective for short-term treatment. They work more to reduce your anxiety within a short time, but if you are habituated to alcohol or drugs, they may not work properly. So, to get the best result, you must avoid alcohol or drugs.

Buspirone: This anti-anxiety medicine is used on an ongoing basis. It takes several weeks to keep pace with your body, but after fitting with your body, it works like magic.

Opipramol: Though this medicine is in our suggestion, its results are poor, and for this reason, it is hardly recommended by the doctors.

Pregabalin: Are you suffering from nerve-related pain also? Then, we are recommending you Pregabalin. At the same time, it will work to reduce your nerve-related pain and your anxiety disorder as well. Though it causes dizziness and tiredness, researches have shown it as an effective treatment.

Change your Lifestyle and get home remedies!

We’ve already learned about medications of generalized anxiety disorders. But if you change your lifestyle, you can get benefit from that. Let’s have a look at how your lifestyle can help you to get rid of anxiety disorder:

Physical fitness is important for leading a healthy and peaceful life. So, you need to be physically active by making a daily routine of your activities and try to follow it in every step of your life. Physical exercise can also play a vital role to eradicate mental stress. It improves not only your mood but also your health. Try to engage yourself in various activities. At first, starts slowly and then increase the intensity of the activities. Eat nutritious food such as vegetables, fruits, grains, and fish. Remember, healthy eating can keep you stress-free. Try to have a sound sleep. If you have problems with sleep, you must consult a doctor. You can also take sleeping peels with the consent of your doctor. Moreover, you can use relaxation techniques, visualization techniques, meditation, and yoga. Relaxation techniques help to ease anxiety. If you are drunker, you must avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. Give up smoking and quit drinking coffee. Both of them have the power to increase anxiety.

Which one is the best treatment for generalized anxiety disorder? Psychotherapy or Medication?

The selection of the right treatment for generalized anxiety disorder is very important. Now, you can ask yourself whether you are going with Psychotherapy or Medication. Different people will show you different arguments, but in this article, we are suggesting you to choose medication first as your anxiety disorder treatment. We are showing our arguments about why you should go with medication first.

If you choose psychotherapy, you have to wait a long time for reducing your anxiety disorder symptoms, though it has been said that the right kind of psychotherapy can be effective to get rid of anxiety. At the same time, a lot of motivation and determination are needed. So, it must be better for you to start with medication first. Medications are helpful and necessary if you want to get rid of generalized anxiety disorder permanently.

Don’t worry, if you are the victim of generalized anxiety disorder. The higher you worry the more of your anxiety level increases. Don’t neglect – will be our suggestion for you. Fight for everything, fight for every disease. Remember, if you are self-motivated, nothing can suppress you. Go ahead with courage and overcome every single difficult problem you face. Don’t forget; our best wishes are always with you.

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