Trans fat is the worst fat, known as trans-unsaturated fatty acids. There are two types of trans-fat. We get the most of the trans-fat from the meat and milk. Trans-fat increases the risks of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. So, we should be careful at the time of taking any food.

What Are The Sources of Trans Fat?


We find two types of trans-fat in our daily diet. First one is naturally-occurring trans fat. And the second one is the artificial trans-fat. Though we get trans-fat from different sources, both types of trans-fat are harmful to our health.

The sources of natural-occurring trans fat are the different kinds of aminals. We find this fat in some food items made from these animals.

On the other hand, industries add hydrogen to vegetable oil and create artificial trans-fats. Artificial trans-fat is designed to increase taste and texture in the food.

We eat different kinds of processed foods daily, and they contain a significant amount of trans fat.

What Happens When Industries Add Hydrogen In Vegetable Oil?


The U.S Food and Drug Administration( FDA) remove partially hydrogenated oil( PHOs) from the list of Generally Recognized as Safe. The researchers have found the severe effects of hydrogenated oil.

As partially hydrogenated oil increases the risks of heart problems and causes deaths each year, people should avoid it entirely.

It is a matter of happy that the FDA is setting up measures to stop the use of trans-fat in industrially manufactured processed foods.

Though the Grocery Manufacturers Association is trying to approve the use of a limited amount of partially hydrogenated oil, the FDA denies the request.


The Effects of Trans-fat On Human Body


You have already understood the adverse effects of it from the steps taken by the FDA. Let’s see the specific effects of trans fat.

Lowers Good ( HDL) Cholesterol: HIgh-density lipoprotein( HDL) is beneficial for our health. The higher the level of HDL, the better for our health. HDL carries the bad LDL away from the arteries and send them to the liver. As HDL eliminates the LDL, it reduces the risk of heart diseases and protects the arteries.

Increase Bad ( LDL) cholesterol: Low-density lipoprotein causes many health problems, including the narrowness of the arteries. Bad cholesterol also increases the risk of a heart attack.

Increase the risk of developing diabetes, primarily type 2 diabetes: Trans-fat increase the risk of obesity. And obesity is one of the main reasons for type 2 diabetes.

Increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases: Based on the long term research, researchers proved that a high level of serum cholesterol, especially LDL, increases the risk of heart diseases. Trans fat destroys the standard ration of HDL and LDL. The higher level of LDL and the lower level of HDL both increases the heart diseases.

cardiovascular disease for trans

Causes breast cancer and colon cancer: There has a positive association between breast cancer and intake of trans-fat. Research shows that a higher level of trans-fat in the blood serum of women increase the risk of breast cancer. This fat also increases the risk of colon cancer.

Pregnancy: Recent research shows that in the time of pregnancy, the effect of trans-fat affects the newborn baby. Researchers have found the same level of trans-fatty acid in the newborn baby like the level of the mother.

Trans-fat is responsible for increasing Obesity: Any kinds of fats increases the risk of obesity. Though some types of fats are called good fats, all types of fat contribute to increasing the risk of obesity.

Know which fats are good: monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat


Popular Foods That Contain Trans-Unsaturated Fatty Acids


Pizza!!! How fantastic food it is! But it contains an enormous amount of trans-fat. Besides pizza, many foods contain this fat such as cakes, pie crusts, cookies, creakers, and other spreads.

On the nutritional facts leveled on the package of the foods show the amount of trans-fat in that particular food.

We will sometimes see in the nutritional facts sector, partially hydrogenated oils. Skip the foods that contain this type of fat.

Besides, food made from meat and milk contains some amount of trans fat.

Cakes, Coolies, Crakers, Bread

These foods contain a high amount of trans-fat in our body. These foods contain about 40% of our total trans-fat consumed by a person. So, if we want to stop the habit of eating trans-fat, we need to first focus on these food items.

Animal Products

Animal products or products made of meat and milk contain trans-fat. One-fifth of the total trans fat consumed by a general American comes from the animal products.

Fried Potatoes( French fries, fast food)

French fries are popular food for us. But we give little focus on the nutrition facts of fried potatoes. Though these foods contain a high amount of potassium and calories, they have saturated fat and trans fat( 0.1 gram per 100 grams of french fries).


We use margarine to increase the flavor of the food. It is also used for baking and cooking. You will be able to imagine the adverse effects of margarine if you see the nutrition facts of it.

margarine contains trans fat

So, let’s see the nutrition facts of margarine per 100 grams:

  • Saturated fat 15 g
  • Trans-fat 15 g
  • Polyunsaturated fat 24 g
  • Monounsaturated fat 39 g

As it contains a high level of saturated fat and trans-fat, we should avoid this food item.

Potato chips, Corn chips, Popcorn

Who doesn’t like to have potato chips, corn chips, or popcorn in time of watching movies?

Yes. Everybody like it.

But it is a matter of sorrow that these foods contain lousy fat. Corn chips contain 0.6-gram trans-fat in every 100-grams of corn chips.

You should also read the facts of saturated fat and unsaturated fat.