Though type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, there are many types of diabetes. Every type has its unique reasons, symptoms, and treatment. You must know the name of different types of diabetes to take proper treatment.

Types of Diabetes

  1. Type 1 diabetes
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Gestational Diabetes
  4. Double diabetes
  5. Diabetes LADA
  6. Diabetes MODY
  7. Type 3 diabetes
  8. Steroid Diabetes
  9. Brittle Diabetes/ Labile daibetes
  10. Juvenile diabetes/ Diabetes Mellitus type 1
  11. Diabetes Insipidus.

Type 1 Diabetes: One of Type of Diabetes

Before the introduction of insulin therapy in 1922, it was a serious health disease. People who would face type 1 diabetes would die within 5 years. We are now lucky for insulin therapy.


Researchers have tried and are trying to find out the reasons for type 1 diabetes. But they have found some few reasons. All researchers have said if our insulin-producing cell destroys for the reasons of the immune system, we face type 1 diabetes. Genetics are also responsible for this type of diabetes.


When your insulin-producing cell destroys gradually, you will see some of the symptoms of diabetes type 1. Let’s see the symptoms of type 1 diabetes.


Symptoms of Diabetes

  1. You will face frequent urination
  2. Increased thirst
  3. Extreme hunger.
  4. Blurred vision
  5. Your weight will start decreasing dramatically.
  6. fatigue


Production of insulin is a must for our body. So, when it stops, we need insulin treatment.

But insulin treatment is not enough for keeping healthy. You should stay physically active, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. To Keep the control of blood glucose and minimize the risk factors of type 1 diabetes, Patients should keep the balance of taking insulin and doing physical exercises.

Type 2 Diabetes: One of Type of Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes in the world. According to CDC news, 9.4 percent of the U.S. population is suffering from diabetes. Besides, more than 84.1 million are also at the risk of facing diabetes. They are now in the stage of prediabetes. They also face type 2 diabetes within a few years.


There are bulk reasons for type 2 diabetes. Lifestyle and genetics are considered the most common reasons for type 2 diabetes.

Research has found that if either parent has this type of diabetes, the probability of becoming type 2 diabetes is 15%.

And if both parents have this diabetes, the probability of becoming type 2 diabetes is 75%.

So, we can say that genetics play a vital role in the existence of this disease.


Type 2 diabetes is a serious problem for patients. But if you can diagnose it at the early stage, you can control it by proper treatment. So, as soon as you will feel the following symptoms we should doctor for a diagnosis. Glycated hemoglobin(A1C) test is used for diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes.

  1. You will feel sever thirst
  2. Lips and mouths become dry
  3. You will feel increased hunger ( especially after eating )
  4. You will feel fatigued.
  5. Headaches
  6. Loss of consciousness.
  7. Blurred vision



After diagnosing, if you really have type 2 diabetes, you need to focus on the following factors.

  1. Physical Activity: As physical activity is one of the main reasons for type 2 diabetes, So, you need to do more physical activity for controlling this. Proper cardio exercises can control blood sugar.
  2. Routine Wise Eating: Proper diet is necessary for the treatment for type 2 diabetes. Eat healthy food. You need to follow the following things in the time of designing your diet plan. i. Keep control of eating sugar ii. keep control of salt intake iii.  Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. iv. Avoid saturated fat.
  3. The proper monitoring of Blood Sugar: The proper monitoring of blood sugar is important. It will help you to stay on track. You can use home-based diagnosis machines.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is temporary diabetes occurred in the time of pregnancy. It naturally disappears after the birth of the children.

You should take initiatives if you face this diabetes.

The reasons for Gestational Diabetes

You already know it is not permanent diabetes like type 1 and type 2. If you see the following factors in you, you are highly at risk for facing gestational diabetes in time of pregnancy.

  1. If you are Asian, African-American, Hispanic, or Native American.
  2. Your family members have diabetes.
  3. You were above the BMI before pregnancy.
  4. If you gave birth the high weight baby before.

Treatment for Gestational Diabetes

You can monitor and control your food consumption. Proper steps in time of pregnancy and after the pregnancy can help you to assuage the risks of gestational diabetes. Experts also suggest taking physical exercise.

Regular Checking of the Blood Sugar Level: Regular blood sugar checking will notify you what you need to do and what you should not do. Buy a testing kit for regular checking of your blood sugar. The use of the testing kit is super easy.

Diet: Women have to change variations in time of pregnancy. And if you face gestational diabetes, you need to be more conservative before taking food. You need to follow some basic rules of the diet.

Exercises: There are some specific exercises in time of pregnancy. These exercises help to increase blood sugar, reduce pain. Never do any exercises which can cause pain.


Above discussed 3 types of diabetes are most important diabetes. You should take proper steps in the proper time.